Monday, March 19, 2012

THE Bathroom Renovation, Subway tiles...and a shovel!

 Here is what's been going on....
the great 'Bathroom Renovation' has begun!
This is what it looked like after I gave it a mini makeover
last time you seen it.
We have a new Claw Foot tub coming as this ones
seen better days.
Mic has started by ripping the ceiling boards down to find
a scary wonderful  find....our original wood boards in wonderful condition
and a horrid colour!!
All building materials are ordered
and we should be getting under way the weekend after next once the

We are leaning towards above-counter bowls for the sink area
on top of an old wash stand/sideboard type set up.
I have found some lovely taps, which I am now trying to narrow down to a final two!

This is what our walls will look like.
Exactly actually.
We will have the deep Colonial skirting/baseboard, beadboard, then a chair rail, 
plaster above that and a deep cornice and our wonderful board ceiling.
The ceiling and beadboard will be white and the walls....
...will be this sort of shade.
I have the colour on a chip ready to get the paint,
but we are not quite at the painting stage yet!
I would of loved to have had the beadboard all the way to the ceiling, 
but we had to compromise with the sheer size of the space.
One thing we did settle on was the claw foot tub remaining.
We had thought about removing this for a Family sized shower instead,
but it just won't work
...and I love the claw foot so much!
You may remember this area from the mini makeover?
Well it will be keeping the clawfoot and getting some lovely white Subway tiles to suit.
I am looking through shower sets right now and have settled on 3
...but I have to get it to 1.
Cant wait to get going on this.
Lots of photos to come.
We are also working on my new workroom, which will start about the same time,
we dug a trench to wire up our Garage...and I got knocked out with a trench shovel!
There is a new oven too!
So much to talk about.
Stay tuned =0)


  1. Ohh I just love breadboard and subway tile. Can't wait.

  2. Oh I LOVE a make-over! It all looks gorgeous - LOVE the 4th image - there's nothing quite like a claw footed bath. Makes me feel that it's time for me to stop staring & dreaming and start doing...! x

  3. Bathrooms are so hard, so small, but have such a big and exciting reveal and give a lot of pleasure! Can't wait to see!

    1. Our bathroom is the complete opposite of is massive!!! Which makes it even harder I think.

  4. Some great ideas there. We had a bathroom fitter round today to give us a quote for doing our downstairs toilet. We have also asked him to quote on fitting tongue and groove - which will also be good as it is a concrete floor and at the moment there is pipework everywhere - but this can be hidden behind the boards then.
    I am ploughing through old magazines for inspiration before I choose a toilet and basin from the brochures he left me.

    1. Good luck!! It is always daunting - bathrooms. I'm still making decisions on taps etc.

  5. You be very careful around those naughty shovels! My goodness!
    I love the clawfoot bath. I'd love one for here but our bathroom is tiny. Yours sounds as though it's going to look stunning.
    I'm hoping I get get to the market on Sunday, it's in my diary. Hope to see you then! X

    1. Thanks luv! Hope to see you at Hobart on Sunday!!
      Ness xx

  6. Great stuff Ness...I'll be really interested in the pale grey paint you end up using on the walls. I've been trying to find a suitable pale grey for ages but just can't decide on one that will look "just right"
    Can't wait to see the finished room
    Well done

    1. I have looked far and wide to settle on this grey. I will tell you all about it very soon. xx

  7. Looking beautiful - can't wait to see the big reveal! I'm hoping to get to the markets too so will pop by and say 'hi'. Are you selling the old claw foot bath? Mel x

    1. I would love to meet you at the markets! I imagine we will sell the bath and when/if we do, I will mention it on my Marley & Lockyer facebook page.

  8. Oh Ness, swooning in Hobart. I can't wait for The Big Reveal. Counting down the days until I see you! J x

    1. Me either! 9 years in the waiting this bathroom....see you Sunday!

  9. Wow Ness, it is action stations at your place. It is all going to look super dooper. Can't wait to see it all. Deb


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