Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Belfast Sink Conclusion...and some taps
As you may be aware,
I have been wanting and looking for a Butler/Apron sink for ever some time now
and everything I have looked at has been in the price range of ridiculous proprotions.
So, as I do, I went on a price hunt.
This meant finding something that was within normal peoples price renovation price ranges
and not sacrifice on quality work was cut out.

Here is what I found.....

In Australia,
there is a company that imports Fireclay/Belfast/Apron sinks
(for this post I will call it a Belfast sink, cause that's what I call it)
and they have a wonderful range of these babies ready to go to anywhere in Australia
and for reasonable prices.
I'm loving the Butler sink above.

the range is very good.
This fluted one is lovely.

In most designs there is a single and double option and different size/depth options to suit many bench sizes.
Amanda, who I spoke to from the company, was so sweet and lovely to deal with too.
Amanda sent me the full catalogue which includes claw foot baths, taps, shower sets....
and when I got them, they were on sale!!!

I instantly fell in love with this Laundry tub. 
It reminded me of School days, washing out screen print inks off screens and clay and paint from my hands.
My friend and fellow art buddy, Mel and I would make up funny songs about the teacher here!

Off topic for a second. My new workroom has taps installed for a new wash up/laundry tub and I would love one of these. (Hope you are reading this Mic).
So, will I be getting one? Probably not.
I don't think Mic is as enthusiastic as I am for me to get a new sink as this would mean we would need to get new bench tops to fit it in hoo =0(

So, now my focus is on the new bathroom and workspace renovations...
I still hold secret hopes of a Belfast sink magically appearing on my bench top soon

I found these babies on ebay and was thinking of them in the bathroom.
What do you think?

a better picture.
I would love to get an old sideboard and have an above counter, mounted bowl basin with these behind.
It would then have that 'wash stand' feel which suits our 'Old Lady' (our home) so

Here is a picture of our current Bathroom sink.
Not ugly, not beautiful
but in need of something new.
The cupboard, my Dad whipped up as a 'time being' thing and what was there before this was pitiful.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the taps and I 
will keep you updated on the bathroom progress.
Our new exhaust and light fitting goes in tomorrow
so we have made a start which is fabulous.


  1. I ADORE the simplicity of Butlers sinks - they manage to look both chunky and elegant at the same time (now if I could bottle that ability up, I'd be a millionaire!)That first image is absolutely divine and the e-bay taps are a perfect match. All in all I say an A+ all round. Have a great day - can't wait to see the finished result!

  2. The sinks are beautiful. The fluted sink is my favorite. I have never seen on like that.
    Can't wait to see your renovation as it progresses.

  3. Love the butler sink and the faucets are fabulous!! Can't wait to see what you choose...

  4. The sinks are wonderful, we got one from ikea to suit our budget for the laundry but then splashed out on a Perrin and Rowe tap, they are too gorgeous:)
    Our bathroom like yours needed much work, but your Dad did lovely job:)
    If you would like a peek at our renovations
    Happy renovating:)

  5. I love the top photo! That is a gorgeous combination.

  6. j'adore ces éviers à grands bacs.
    Adorable salle de bain, matériau noble, poétique chaleureux. (dernière photo)
    Excellente journée sous le soleil du Nord.
    Au plaisir de te lire...

  7. I adore butler sinks, and this one is perfect!
    Happy Thursday.

  8. those butler sinks are gorgeous!
    I’m giving away a leather and sterling silver jewelry piece this week. Don't miss it, darling!

  9. We found a tap from an English company called Abode for our Butlers sink. Worked out ok with current exchange rates. Our bathroom cabinets are both stand alone (one a cabinet and one a bench table) of the sort you get from Balinese or Indian furniture shops. Mounted basins on top and very similar tapware. Looks great in our older home.

  10. Hi Ness, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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