Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hampton's & Hydrangeas....and some plaster

Ahh...Hampton's and hydrangeas!
google images
not so much black though!
That is the driving force behind my new workroom renovation.
Tomorrow loads of plaster board arrives, 
along with it, skirting boards, architraves, chair rails, cornices, nails, glue etc,
and beadboard!
All ready for our Bathroom and the workroom


  1. I really like those stools in the first photo..this is going to be cool!

  2. SO exciting! I long for the moment that I leap from the planning board and inspiration file to making the builders their tea - that's when you REALLY know that there's not long to go! Good luck with it, it sounds like it will be marvelous - your inspiration images are pure perfection!

  3. Gosh, I just need to hear the word "plaster" and I get a nervous tick! We had to diy my studio as the plastering quotes were beyond our budget and it was the most horrible experience! I hope you have more fun :)

  4. Your newest lover of white friend!!!
    Lovely blog!!!
    I invite you to visit my world as well!!!
    Blessings Lori

  5. I am loving white interiors too,
    they make a space look so inviting and gives a laidback vibe.

  6. Hi Ness,
    thanks for visiting. These images are divine, looking forward to seeing the finished product. No doubt lots of hard work along the way.


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