Monday, April 16, 2012

Bathroom renovation update....

It has taken me a while to get some more progress pictures on here, I know,
we have been busy bees in here let me tell you!
Lots has happened and it looks so different today than these pictures I am showing you
...but I don't want to give you too much at once!
We had some dramas along the way.
One being the bathroom ceiling.
We thought we could save and paint up the original wooden boards, but once we got up there
they were horrendous!
Covered in wallpaper, metallic paint and all!

We gave the ceiling a coat of primer so we could see the actual extent of work that needed to be done.
Bear in mind here that we had already sanded a LOT of paper and paint off.
They were just in such a bad way, that we relined the ceiling with lovely new boards
..that were bent like bananas!!
Poor Mic had to use a lot of effort to get those in line with each other.
That, and the fact that the room is not all!
These boards will be painted white, hopefully tomorrow =0)
You can see the finished ceiling in the first picture.

Our poor 'Old Lady' is in a right mess at the moment.
Dust everywhere from the plaster, planks of wood (and a laundry tub), tools and bathroom paraphernalia 
all up the hallway. It is a mess.
I know it is only for a little while, but I just do not cope with mess very well.
Especially plaster dust!

Our new toilet went in on Good Friday which was a hassle as well with our non-straight walls!
While we were in there doing the plaster, Mic decided we would go ahead and make the new Laundry room too...and a new linen closet, which goes all the way to our 11 foot ceilings!!
Lots of storage.

The new laundry room has already got its coat of paint on the walls and below on the wooden beadboard.
I really like these colours together and will tell you more about them soon.

here is a little glimpse of the linen closet...well the frame anyway!
Now it has the plaster on and its primer coat of paint and will have colour on it tomorrow hopefully too!
It is huge. There will two small doors at the top and two normal sized doors below.

Here is a close up of the wall colour.

So, there is a little peek at what has all but consumed the Lockyer house-hold this past few weeks.
It looks like an actual room now, so hopefully I will have some more update pics tomorrow.
...and can you believe, we will be doing it all again very soon in the new workroom?!
It never ends I tell you =0)


  1. Beadboard just makes everything better!

  2. I'm just loving watching your progress!

  3. Wow its a huge project looking forward to seeing the end result :)

  4. can't wait to see the reveal! thx Ness for stopping by the blog today...
    have a great weekend,

  5. and thx for the very sweet comments!!

  6. I can't wait to see the "after pics!" It already looks amazing!!! Have a lovely week!



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