Friday, May 18, 2012

Ah...It's Friday!

Thank goodness it is Friday
This week has been super busy with the shop sale on Facebook
and starting the new range stock pile.
I have loads planned for the weekend and it is this photo which
keeps me motivated.
It is just stunning. I would take it as is.
I have been thinking if I should paint my whole dining table white like this, 
or leave the top wood as it is now......hmmm
another job for the ever growing renovation list!

One thing I do have planned is a lie in.
I know that it won't actually happen with two little Boy's about, 
who seem to work out with the Birds before they go to bed, what time they will all
wake up....and it usually very, very early.
I would be happy even if it was a lie in.
My soul needs it.

...and one more thing... 
I need to get this bathroom photographed so I can do the 
"Tah Dah"
for you. My Dad built our new Linen closet doors, which
are waiting a fresh coat of white paint.
Then it is basically dress the room (it sounds so easy)

AND, I have that SUPER DOOPER exciting event happening during the 
week. Finally I will be able to let you know what it is.
Have a wonderful weekend xx


  1. Hi Ness,
    I hope you have a wonderful, beautiful and restful weekend.


  2. Good luck for that sleep in Ness, Im fortunate that my kids love to sleep in!!! That inspiration pic is STUNNING!!!

  3. Wow I love your house and its interior. In your house all thinks are very beautiful. Furniture white color is looks very pretty.


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