Monday, May 21, 2012

Bathroom Reveal....Tah Dah!

Finally, I can give you some images, well lots actually,so this may bore you.
You have to understand we have been waiting over 9 years for this bathroom renovation
...see why I am excited!!?

This is where we started a few years back, I done a little mini makeover
I was sick of looking at orange pine and ball wall linings.

So a coat of fresh white paint was enough to tide me over for a little while.

Our old vanity got the same treatment

Now here is where the fun started (tongue in cheek there)
We ripped off the lining on the roof to reveal the old boards

That turned out to be terrible and had to be covered with fresh ones...HUGE job that was!

we found under the lining, some old, old papers and hand printed wall papers from the late 1800's-1920's

lot's of them!
The floor under bath needed replacing
(here is Mic doing a wonderful job)

Once the plaster board went on, we had to re-think the vanity.
Luckily I had this lovely in my office storing my files!

A lot of tweaking and some fresh paint and glossy white tiles and she is a fitting piece for 
"The Old Lady"
I absolutely adore this!
Most of our bathroom has been done on a strict budget,
and I found lots of pieces very cheaply through ebay, etsy and the like.
This mirror was $20.00 and our handles were $2.00 each in brushed nickel.

The cup handles still have to go on to the drawers yet.
I added some of my ceramic tealights for sparkle too.

The drawer on the left is a dummy drawer to accommodate the new sink, but will still get a handle.

We have used the same handles on our new linen cupboard...

which my Dad flew down to build for us as Mic had given up at that stage.
He admits he is no Builder and passed the finishing bits to my very talented Dad, 
who done a brilliant job and I now have a mountain of storage space in there with it going right up to the 
11 foot ceiling!
Thanks Dad xx

Our Chandelier came from Bunnings. I love it.
It is not too frou frou or over the top.
Understated, but "The Old Lady".

All of the new power outlets were bought at our reproduction store here in Launceston
Paraphernalia on Wellington Street.
(they know us well there!)

We also had our shower rail custom made through them to fit the specs of the bath, which was a luxury,
but well worth it. I added three inner curtains in clear plastic and the outer curtains are a stripped jaquard.
With two grubby little Men in the House, this many curtains were needed...and it's like a cocoon when your in there!
Our bath we picked up through a 'friend-of-a-friend' for 2 case of beer and had it sent away to be sandblasted back to the cast iron and re-enamelled
...its gorgeous.

The whole thing makes a huge difference to the space.

Some little luxuries when in  the tub on my old Bentwood chiar.
(Mic is reading this Autobiography at the moment)

A room is never really finished is it?
I still have some pictures to hang and dress the laundry room
(another post)....stay tuned.

I did however find these Butterfly prints on etsy.
I love them. As my name means "Butterfly", I thought it fitting.
I am going for a botanic feel in here with the art works.
Thats one of my tealights again there on the toilet

Love them! The frames where $3.00 for a pack of 3 at Kmart!

Tealight show off ;0)

We added new towel rails which were also from Bunnings
...and some more of my ceramic tealights...

The wall colour we used is from Dulux.
It is Beige Royal Half on the top and the white is also from Dulux. It is Antique White USA.
They work so well together.

You can see here the window is not dressed
Well, Mic has to replace the sill still and then it will get an antique Irish linen piece.
The top of the sash window will be being replaced with clear glass and the bottom will stay frosted for privacy.

The floor is a new Italian tile product which is like a tile, but cuts like a vinyl.
We got a fairly neutral colour.
We needed a product like this seeing The Old Lady is, well...old!

So, I would love to hear what you think.
We are so happy with it and it is nice to not be ashamed to open the door in here any more when people are over. I actually want to leave it open all the time!


  1. Woah! Wow! Well done. Love it! Bet you can't stop walking in there and looking around xo

  2. Just beautiful! What a fabulous job. Leahx

  3. It looks beautiful! No wonder you are happy with it, especially after waiting 9 years. I'd love to do our tiny bathroom but I think we will be waiting for a while. I got excited on the weekend when Lyndon replaced our toilet seat! X

  4. Oh, I bet it's just so nice to take bath and enojoy the peaceful space. Nice!

  5. Just Beautiful! Have a lovely week xx

  6. wow
    so much work, time and 'moolah' went into your bathroom.
    it looks great - love the bentwood, it adds the perfect touch.
    i dread the day when i redo my baths & kitchen.

    i remember as a kid,
    my parents re-did the bathrooms and it was such a mess.
    and seemed like it took forever.

    your 'OLD' home is the best!


  7. gorgeous!!!! I love that you manged it on a budget yet it looks really beautiful. Great job xox

  8. Well done to you both for all your hard work. I love everything about it, from the colours (isn't Antique White USA THE BEST!!!) and I agree with Renee about the bentwood, just adds the right amount of contrast to the room.

    I bet you're in there right now admiring all the hard work, just gives you a buzz to walk past the door, doesn't it?!!!!

    Have a great week and all the best for the market this weekend.

    Take care

  9. Just exquisite!!! You did a beautiful job - very professional looking!!!

  10. Hey Ness,
    Your bathroom looks wonderful! All that hard work paid off! Now you can take a bubble bath and relax in your new space and enjoy it :) I'm sure you're glad to be done that job!!


  11. Gorgeous, Ness! I love everything. The colors are restful, the chandy is perfect and the other details couldn't be better for the space. Well done, my friend. Well done!

  12. I have never bee so excited to see inside someone else's walls! When we did our major renovation a few years back we went back to the studs. I am sure you can imagine my surprise when we saw all of those slats of wood where current day framing would be. It is so cool to see that you found the same thing~
    Gorgeous results my friend- a lot of hard work but oh, how lovely to enjoy now that it is finished!

  13. I think it is brilliant. And even better for having been done on a shoestring so that you were forced to make great decisions like the vanity which might have been sidelined if you had more of the ready. Congratulations. Cherrie

  14. So beautiful, well done! All your hard work has paid off. Love to know more about your floor tiles, they look amazing.

  15. Loved looking at all your photos, your Bathroom looks lovely and fresh. A lovely transformation.

  16. Hi Ness,
    I'm so happy for you!!! I love your pretty bathroom and I can tell that there was so much hard work and total dedication that went into the transformation. It's beautiful. Now go and enjoy a nice soak in that wonderful tub.


  17. Love it all. Beautiful colours and such a peaceful aesthetic. Those butterfly prints are divine too. Such a lovely space and well worth waiting for after all those years. I hope you get to enjoy some quiet time in that bath. F

  18. hi Ness - you must be so happy. it all looks so fresh and lovely. I also used an old cupboard for my vanity and really love it.
    now to have a long soak in that beautiful bath after all your hard work!
    cheers Fiona

  19. what a serene looking bathroom. A great job done on a tight budget. Bet there will be lots of long bubble baths happening. I love the butterfly pics too! well done!

  20. I a having a bit of bathroom envy over here! Such an amazing job...seems your two carpenters did a great transformation! WOW!
    Your tealight holders add just the right warm glow to the space!...SO HAPPY FOR YOU!

  21. Lovely! We found newspapers that old stuffed in some of the walls of the room we made into a laundry room and a bathroom!

  22. WOW - what beautiful attention to detail! I LOVE your power outlets, and the styling elements such as the bottle with the key tied around the neck are simply stunning. You've done an amazing job - your bathroom is simply stunning - SO serene and gorgeous!
    Paula x

  23. Bravo... it is amazing Ness... I love it! It looks exactly the place to relax, chill out... light the candles and soak the night away... xv

  24. It is gorgeous sweet Ness~ bravo!!!

  25. It looks beautiful - love the colours and the bits you have added to make it pretty.
    I have been waiting and waiting for this reveal as I knew it would be nice, plus we have just started having our cloakroom thought I might be able to steal some ideas. We are having tongue and groove along the bottom with a little ledge for more pretties! I think we are going to paint our walls white and the tongue and groove grey - so sort of the other way round to you.

  26. Really loved how it all turned out ... you and your family are brilliant to get it all together looking so beautiful. I love the paint combinations as well!

  27. Wow Ness. . .or should I say Butterfly. You're bathroom is beautiful. Looks like a whole lot of labor of love went into that room. The ceiling and the vanity are may favorite parts.

  28. Just stunning, Ness. It's come together so beautifully - bravo! I adore those butterfly prints, of course ☺. J x

  29. Gorgeous... the Old Lady is a Big Gal huh?.. so much space.. rather jealous x

  30. Its a true credit to you Ness!!

  31. wow your bathroom looks gorgeous! you totally fit in our current 2012 bathroom trends! ( really beautiful renovation! great post.

  32. Very nicely done! Love all the white - I, too, am so tired of orange wood!!

  33. Beautiful, not much I don't like about it but most of all the fact that you have sourced some bargains is always exciting and shows you can have a lovely product without massive expenses.


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