Saturday, May 5, 2012

Our 'New/Old' Vanity...

Since the last bathroom renovation update post I done, I have had a lot of emails
asking how it has been going and for details of the room.
...well, I am giving you another snippet here...
The reveal will be soon, Mic is still finishing up some bits and pieces in the room, but
all in all, it is done.
I have still yet to 'dress' the room and when I do, I will give you the 'Ta dah' part.

I did want to show you our 'new/old' vanity in the meantime though.

We had started out by building our own vanity for the room, but decided after a few days 
of having this frame in,
that we needed something to compliment the space and 'The Old Lady',

we took this sideboard from my office, 
that I only ever stored files and office supplies in anyway,
and started to convert it.....

...the new vanity unit!...
At first Mic thought I was a little daft, like he does, 
but after measuring it and looking through some of my interior magazines, 
he agreed we should give it a go.
We pulled apart the frame we had on the wall and Mic added a new top to the sideboard to house the new basin.
It got a little complicated after that!
He basically had to remake the back of the sideboard to fit the pipes etc in and shore up the shelves.

The hole you can see where the drawers go to the left of the picture is now a 'dummy drawer'.
It basically looks like a drawer, but doesn't come out any more due to the underside of the basin and the pipework. The other side still works as a drawer, and I have nabbed it for makeup, hair pins etc =0))

I picked up this lovely mirror to go over the unit for a song and it is the perfect shade of white to go with the woodwork and the vanity.
You can see here a little hint of our new chandelier for the room as well as the top of the area where the new/old claw foot bath is. The shower rail is our old one.
We are waiting on a new custom made rail coming from Adelaide, which is the same size and shape as the actual bath...I can't wait for that. This little ring is pathetic to shower in!
I will give you better looks at the rest of the room when I reveal its entirety. 

Back to the vainty.
Here is Mic adding some tiles for the splash back.
We added two rows of the same white 10cm x 10cm tile that we laid on the vanity top.
It has been edged in the same cute moulding that Mic put around the edges of the vanity top.
The sides of the old sideboard had to be changed if it was going to work in the room.
Because we have the taps behind the unit, there was a big gap from the unit to the wall which had to be filled.
So, he made new sides, which look much better than the old sides and work in the room really well.
You can also see a little bit of the new flooring here too =0)
Once all this was done, I gave it some lovely coats of gloss paint (here you can see the prep coats).

So, now we have a lovely 'new/old' vanity for the space that cost all up about
$30.00 for materials!!!!
Bargain if you ask me.
The reveal will be very soon.


  1. Hey Ness,

    Well done to both of you, it is all looking marvelous. Sometimes it's funny how things work out, but I really like what you've done to the ol' sideboard and I think the side treatment really ties it into the room.

    If the grouting around your tile is white and so it doesn't stain there is a product on the market called spray-seal. Fantastic stuff as I used it in the kitchen and my grouting hasn't stained in 6 years. I put painters tape around the painted wall, that took the longest time, then tried to spray as evenly as I could concentrating on the grout, then after 5 - 10 minutes I wiped the glossy part of the tile. Anyway, Tasman chemicals make it and their number is 6432 1988. Can't remember where I bought it from!

    Thanks so much for sharing a small amount of the reveal.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Take care

  2. It's looking mighty fine! Can't wait for the reveal!!

  3. Ness it turned out beautifully!! Love love this vanity.

    I have featured an Interview with Tina from The Enchanted Home...


    Art by Karena

  4. HI Ness!
    How are you? This is so nice of you to post the whole process..... The Old Lady will be gorgeous I am sure.........Can't wait to see the pictures of the finished product with your talelted touches....Maryanne xo

  5. Looks fab. I think it's great to re cycle things. Your bathroom will look amazing.
    We are busy doing a similar thing with our bathroom. Have decided to re enamel the old bath.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. What an amazing transformation !!!! Your blog is always inspiring :)

  7. Amazing Ness... it is going to look incredible... You are so clever to use that old sideboard... a stroke of genius... xv

  8. Can I just go on record as saying your eye and ability for marrying totally unexpected items and repurposing them into beautiful, functional pieces is INSPIRING! Love what you've created here and how you inspire others to make their lives beautiful...and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it can be done without spending a lot of money! I LOVE THAT ABOUT YOU!!!! Well Done! Can't wait to see the final "Tah Dah!" :)

  9. You've done a great job with that vanity. Can't wait to see the finish. Leahx

  10. you have chosen a great piece to work with.
    i love it.
    the bathroom is going to be fantastic once YOU have completely finished it.
    ...accessories, lighting and all.


  11. Ooooh - it's looking good! It's wonderful to find something old that can be reused somewhere else in the house, and that vanity is a GREAT choice. Can't wait to see the big 'reveal'! Paula x

  12. Wowza Ness that is great love it looking forward to see the reveal :))


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