Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Porcelain & Myrtle Wood Collaboration....

 These last few weeks have been spent in collaboration with the amazingly talented
We are both working on some special pieces for 
which will be held on at the Seaport in Launceston on Friday and Saturday where we will be sharing a space that we have called 
"The Cocoon Of Loveliness".
These brooches are the newest offering from the collaboration,
and feature beautiful fine
Porcelain & Myrtle Wood.
Three special pieces, which are limited edition, and just in time for Mother's Day on Sunday,
come in the Bird, Rabbit & Deer
...I especially adore the Rabbit brooch and may need to get one myself.

If you happen to be in our neck of the woods this Friday/Saturday, 
come on in to The Cocoon Of Loveliness and say 'hi' to Sophie and I
...and see what other creations we have,
or, stop on by the 


  1. They're all really lovely. I'm not sure I could pic a fave, maybe the bunny? I'm sure they'll do really well x

  2. Oh, how I wish I could come by ... those brooches are just gorgeous. M x

  3. These are so cool...does that wood smell?

  4. They look gorgeous, I am sure you will both do well on the cocoon of lovliness!! :)

  5. What a gorgeous idea, you clever collaborators! All power to you, Ness. J x


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