Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What we are working on now.....the workroom

Yes, I know. We are gluttons for punishment!
We have started the next renovation project here at
The Old Lady....
It is going to be my new workroom a.k.a "Sweatshop".
My current space has become small - fast lately and
we decided that I needed a lot more space.
So, we have gutted our second living room to make way for the new space.
I have always loved this room and it has perfect light and a fire!

Once upon a time there was a doorway here to the left, which was covered over when we renovated 
the room on the other side (my current workspace).
It will be getting 11 foot beadboard planks, either side of the fireplace and shelves for all of my products on this side, the other side will house my office desk and files etc on matching shelves.

We (Mic and I), hung all of the plaster board on Sunday and got to work gutting the rest.
One of these sofas will be staying and the other is going.

By early afternoon, all of the plaster was hung...
and let me tell you trying to hang a 5 meter sheet of plaster 11 foot up is hard work!
The bottom boards are wood and they will be getting a new coat of white along with the floor.

This light fitting is original to The Old Lady and was hand hammered.
In the 1880's when the house was built, it was up the other way and held candles.
You can still see the wax shields.
I was thinking of painting this white also...but still undecided.

The ceiling will remain wood. The space needs that wood.
Here is a better view of the space where my office table will go
.....and 11 foot of beadboard.
We are hoping to get the board up this weekend.
Now, if you are wondering where all of the 'stuff' went from this room.....

in here!
Poor Mic.
This is his "Man Cave", but for the time being it is full of stuff.
I guess I need to have a garage sale when this room is done- hey?!


  1. amazing light! I feel for ya sister!

  2. It's going to look amazing can't wait to see more photos :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. what a gorgeous room!!!!!
    we are getting new floors and my house looks just like yours...lol!

  4. WOW Ness, its full steam a head for you guys at the moment, its going to look awesome! love your bathroom as well!!

  5. OMG Ness you are going to be in your element. I'm so jealous of all that workspace. can't wait to see the reveal.

  6. Wow you are really going for it :) Hope your arms are rested now with all that heavy work looking forward to seeing it finished :)

  7. love the lighting...and its a huge room for workspace! very jealous!

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