Monday, June 18, 2012

Markets and.....fires?!

Always up to something you know!
Last weekend, Mic, the boys and I travelled down to Ol' Hobart town to show
Marley & Lockyer at the first ever 
Niche -All Wrapped Up Market.
It was a bounty of wonderful Designers, all housed under the stunning ceiling that is
Hobart's City Hall.
The details in this old building were wonderful and I did get a quick chance to
snap a shot of it.

The day went really well and I had so many of you
come by and say hi and 
lots of people who have read the Country Style feature
about M&L and I, which was so nice.
I also had the debut of my new PayPal Here reader.
Which is basically an EFTPOS machine through PayPal and my iPhone.
It was amazing, but I will post more about that soon.

Over the next few days and nights I am gearing up for the next design market,
which I will be attending with my lovely Niece.
If you happen to be in Sydney, I would love to see you!

On another note, I had hoped to give the reveal of the workroom
.....but we had a little fire and the Fire Brigade had to be called!!
Nothing major, but we will need a new fire for the workroom =0(
They left a mess didn't they?
But at least The Old Lady is still intact
and that is the most important part =0))

It is all cleaned up now and I will get that reveal done as soon
as I get back from Sydney.


  1. Awww - sorry to hear about the fire - we had a small one a couple of years back, just smouldering boards really, and I am honestly eternally grateful to the fire brigade - but the mess left afterwards - ooh la la!!!
    I love the quality of your pictures - so ethereal and dreamy. Really beautiful. Can't wait for the grand work room reveal.
    Paula x

  2. I'm so sorry I didn't make it down there to see the market and say hello Ness. Your stall looks beautiful as always. Those card payment thingamies are such brilliant technology. Perfect for these situations.

  3. Oh no. Bad news about the fire. Thankfully there was no major damage.
    How I would have loved to see your pieces in the flesh. I've had a look at your Etsy shop. I've kinda fallen in love with your birdie and owl brooches.

  4. It was lovely to meet you on Saturday Ness and take home some of your goodies! I had to go for a walk to an eftopos machine. I love my owl brooch and my gift tags which will go on some special gifts at Christmas time. Carolyn

  5. Loving these shots of the City Hall, Ness. Is that done with Instagram? I'm clueless. It was fabulous to see you. Best of luck backing up this weekend - I hope you can slow down now! J x

  6. Hi Ness, I only picked up a copy of Country Style during the holidays - absolutely gorgeous article about you and your home in there. Mel xx


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