Thursday, June 21, 2012

Off to Sydney I go.....

I am all packed and ready to go off to Sydney in the morning for the
Boutique Markets on Saturday from 9-1pm.
I will also bring some brand newbies with me!
A few new colours of vintage fabric 'Scrappy Jack' covers and 
I am really loving this black one with the feed sack pieces =0)

some new porcelain and metal brooches.
These are glazed and have a little 2D French chair on them that 'pop' from the glaze.
I don't have a name for them yet...still thinking.

these new Hello Mr Fox brooches
They are a polymer base and a white ceramic Fox head.

I will also be bringing along with me my new PayPal Here card reader.
This is an eftpos machine which plugs into my phone.
It is all totally secure and I used it for the first time last week and it
was brilliant!
Anyway, if you are about in Sydney on Saturday from 9-1pm, come to The Byron Kennedy Hall at Fox Studios for the Boutique Markets.
...I will be there!

This also means I will be away from the shop and blog until Monday...see you then. Off to Sydney I go!


  1. Good luck at the markets. We are going to Sydney tomorrow but heading to the Block Live Expo. Would have love to catch up. Maybe next time. G.x

  2. Best it will be a great success!
    Bec x

  3. The cushions look lovely Ness - I'm sure you will do so well x

  4. love your work, and the story on your life in Country Living. When I saw the chair brooches I immediately thought "Sitting Pretty"....when are you heading to Melbourne??

  5. Looking fab, Ness. I'd call the chair brooches 'chaise'. Have a wonderful time. J x

  6. Hi Ness. After LOVING your blog for ages now I'm finally commenting! First to say a big fat Thanks! for buying and sharing the gorgeous chandelier you have in your new bathroom. After years of indecision of what to hang in my hall, I saw yours(couldnt believe theyre from bunnings!!) loved them and promptly bought them! Also love your handmade creations, very inspiring! Hope you're enjoying your time in sydney and selling heaps of your yummy things!! xx

  7. Love them all.. wish I had known and would have popped in .. I was at Rushcutters Bay then dropped hubby at the rugby right by there!!


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