Friday, June 1, 2012

Winter Work....

The first day of Winter came and went we me hardly noticing the difference.
Not that there was much happening.
It has been very cold here for a while now and today was a little warmer
than it should have been.
I, however was tucked up in the 'Sweatshop'
rolling out clay
and wrapping orders.
The wrapping part for me is an extension of the product
and I love simplicity and beauty.
Paper doilies, brown paper, twine and my own hand writing is all it needs.
This version of Marley & Lockyer that you see here
is going to become the new logo.
I have had some troubles with printers trying to conform with my last art work and gave up.
This hand writing version is more fitting I feel...what do you think?

My worktable has been showing beautiful signs of all of the work it has had on it lately
...ghosts from the clay and porcelain I worked on today.
They don't stay for long, but it is a moment to witness.
All of the prep over the next few weeks is in readiness for....

Hobart's first Niche -All Wrapped Up!
An amazing event, a market event full of wonderful Designers, all with their own unique
take on their chosen craft and all under one roof
- The Hobart City Hall

Soon, Winter work won't be an issue when I move into the 
new studio space with the fire!
We will be doing more in there over the weekend.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend =0)


  1. I'm going to have to put in an order just to get one of your beautifully wrapped parcels. Wow that's lovely!
    I've also been playing around with my blog header to match it to my price card/business card also. Will upload it soon and finally I have moved my blog name to just - took me 8 months....slowly getting my blog organised.
    Have a lovely weekend. I bet you can't wait till your new studio is ready!
    Cheers Fiona

  2. handwriting is an art...that is almost lost...go for IT!

  3. Counting the days down, Ness! Your handwriting is beautiful and the perfect accompaniment to your pretties. J x

    1. Thanks sweet Jane. I am looking forward to this version of Niche. It is a huge event here in Launnie.

  4. Yep, do the handwriting. It's beautiful! A-M xx

    1. Thanks A-M. It has been frustrating working with printers who want to change everything.


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