Friday, June 29, 2012

Workroom reveal...tah dah!!!

Tah Dah!
The new workroom/ sweatshop has been in full swing now for a week
and finally I am able to reveal most of it to you.
I say most as there are some small things to do in there, 
but all in all it is ready.

You will remember me showing you some progress pics a little while ago,
here is a little reminder.
We filled in an old doorway arch which is now a solid wall and will soon house some shelves.
For now it has my old white unit from the old Sweatshop in there.

both sides of the chimney breast have been covered in beadboard.

and primed and painted in
Dulux Antique White USA.
(shown here is the primer)

My Sister and I started moving in some items last Wednesday while 
I finished up the painting and cleaning up
...oh the joy!
The paint colour was carried throughout the whole space, except on the chimney and the floor.

Rugs went down, and new stool in last Thursday and I could not be happier with them.
They are 100% cotton and super easy to clean and wash, should
I drop clay etc on them.
They look great against the white floor boards.

that evening I worked for the first time in there and Tess joined me.
She was very settled in there I may add!

It has THE best feeling this space, this room and I love working in here.
I have been inspired every day since.

Although, the fire was short lived.
On Friday evening, there was a small fire and I had to call the Fire brigade to come and put it out!
So, now we are going to have to get a new fire =0(

I picked up a wonderful white table for my office desk, 
which looks great with some of my Ginger jars and against the brick of the chimney breast.
We left the lower parts with the exposed bricks.
I am happy we did.

The chimney has been covered in black chalkboard paint.
I put it on very rough to give it some contrast against the white.
I had plans to rub chalk into it, but I actually like it like this.
(this pic was about 20mins before I called the Fire dept!)

My original Coogans table from my old workroom has found a home right in the middle of the room and is so much better as I can use all 4 sides to work.
The screen in the background is temporary...there will be a Laundry sink for washing up clay etc
very soon.

You can see my office area in the background there.
Above the table there will be shelves, but we are waiting on a piece of wood for the corner there
before that can happen.

I put up my new office table lamp a few days ago.
I bought this from Ikea a couple of months back and I love it.

Along the back wall will be more of the black units for my work,
but finding time at the moment to build those tricky things is limited.
I did keep one of my old sofas and of course, my favourite wing back for this room.
It is nice to curl up on here while I am hand sewing/embroidering.
You can get a better look at the new rugs and my old worktable here.

Also, I made a start on my artwork wall.
Every piece is my own work, except for the Rabbit (Dick & Dora), the ginger jar print (Anne Harwell) and the Alice in Wonderland print (Carambatak on Etsy).
I have some more to go up, but it is a start.

While I was looking for a bead under the table (don't ask),
I was thinking, I might sew the rugs together...just because.

Loads of cushions.
All are my own work, except the Toile one.
This sofa is so comfortable and great for a coffee break...or a chat to Mum on the phone!
So, there you have it.
My 'new' workroom.
I love it...tah dah!

Would love to hear what you think =0)


  1. I simply love your new Sweat Shop. Amazing how it has turned out.
    Love that you can relax and talk to your MOM during breaks
    Have a wonderful weekend

  2. Yay Ness it's fantastic! Great job my friend. Happy weekend to you.

  3. It is so beautiful sweetie, when can I move in? have a happy weekend

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. OH my what a wonderful space! It looks so peaceful to work in! I am so happy for you!

  5. Oh Ness - it's absolute PERFECTION! So many clever details to take in - I LOVE it!
    Paula x

  6. How beautiful! I can't imagine creating in such a beautiful room; I probably wouldn't want to leave!

    I am envious! :)

  7. Lovely! What a cosy, gorgeous space you now have to work in. May it be a space of much creativity and inspiration. xx

  8. It's so wonderful! I love it all. I'd love a sink in my workroom, but then the bathroom is only a few steps away. Your couch is a great addition too. You are so set!!

  9. Divine - a gorgeous creative space which thankfully didn't burn down! Crikey dickens - that sounded a drama - bet the boys loved the fire truck coming to the house!!!! Bet you could have done w/o the drama! Have a divine weekend.

  10. I love it. There are so many elements of it that I love - lining boards, your artwork wall and how calming it looks. Those cotton rugs are I able to ask where you picked those up from?

  11. You have done a great job there Ness. I don't mind working in that room either...but I don't think you'd want me to cook and bake in your workroom. We don't want to call the fire brigade again!!

    But really....I love your new work room!


  12. I think it looks amazing! So cosy yet spacious for you to do what you do. The office table is devine, everything just works so well together. How scary for you to have to call the fire brigade... even have a pillow like mine with the cross...he he lol
    Bec x

  13. Ooh Ness, It looks fabulous! Lokks like you're living up to you blog title & "living beautifully", congrats on such an inspiring space :0)

  14. Hi Ness,

    All looking great, job well done. Love the new rugs with the stripe, really lovely and you have styled everything so well.

    Well done for all the recognition lately with all your hard work and beautiful things. I managed to snare a copy of the ACS. Your boys have grown so much!

    Take care

  15. It looks lovely! I hand sewed two floor runners together once - with darning needles and although my fingers hurt afterwards it was well worth the effort. Well done on the renovations!

  16. The room looks beautiful, I would love a space like this to call my own.

  17. I'm thrilled for you, Ness. What a pleasure to create in there. I think you need to rename the room your 'atelier' - it's time to ditch the 'sweatshop' tag, n'est-ce pas? J x

  18. Ness that room is absolutely gorgeous. I can just imagine going in there every day to create and play! Actually curling up in that sofa with a book and cuppa would suit me just fine! Well done!!! x

  19. Well its simply devine Ness!! I think its just a wondeful work space & am sure your will be creating many wonderful products I hope the fire gets sorted as its such a lovely feature, enjoy :)))

  20. Looking good, but one potential problem in the future....if you're planning on firing up that fireplace in the future, you might check if chalkboard paint will withstand the heat...usually you need a special paint made for hi temp. applications...this is from experience...peeling paint is not a pretty sight, and scraping, stripping, etc. ain't a pleasant project

  21. It's looking sooooooo good!!! Love it! Well done! X

  22. It's gorgeous Ness! I'd love that fire in my little shed. xx

  23. Yikes Ness I would love a studio like this but clay, me and mess are old companions. I love it all - it looks like the perfect place for creating and contemplating.


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