Saturday, July 28, 2012

Life from the workroom...

The new workroom has been getting a workout!
Everything is on overtime right now while
I gear up for my next round of Design markets and particularly the 
in Launceston, which is a two day event that I always look forward to.
Christmas 2012 is well under way,
and this wing you see above is part of that range.
I can't wait to show you this, it is wonderful! 

The new display cards have arrived from the printer and I have been
doing the mammoth task of re-tagging all of my products
...but it is well worth it...I love them.
The back of the card you can see here in the white.
The script is just my own handwriting. I think this simplicity represents my work better
and is Marley & Lockyer's new logo.
What do you think?

Also, I have been adding some special new pieces to the store and have some more to add tomorrow.
This rocking chair necklace is my new is about an inch tall and so cute!
...I nabbed one for myself.

Lots and lots of Inspire Series tags have been made up as these have been extremely
popular and are the ones that were shown in my Country Style feature in June.
It hasn't all been work though. We spent the day tending to our neglected Winter garden and achieved a lot before the rain comes back tomorrow. 
We also watched the Olympics with our little is their first time watching them!! 

...and there you have my life from the workroom this week...
Hope you are enjoying your weekend xx 


  1. Everything looks so beautiful Ness. Nice packaging really is the finishing touch - yours is so nicely done :)
    Keep warm! x

  2. I love the porcelain feathers. Just lovely! Thanks for sharing.


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