Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Spring Windows...

Spring is just around the corner...5 weeks and 2 days actually
and always at this time of year, when I am feeling over Winter,
I seem to turn my attention to our windows.
Our Old Lady's eyes have been covered in rain/frost and blinds etc
and I can't wait to rip of the heaviness of Winter and herald in my Spring cleaning ritual.
The main item on my agenda will be our window coverings....

I have been thinking of London Blinds for our Kitchen windows like these here.
London Blinds don't have the matter-of-fact structure that Roman Blinds have.
In one of our first homes, I made ones like these for our main bedroom, and still, 14 years latter, 
they are still hanging in that window after many owners have taken possession of that house!
They are easy to make AND wash...I just love them.

These little cafe type curtains I have been thinking of for my new workspace.
I need something to filter the light once Spring has sprung as it is quite strong in this room and I don't want to loose the light completely.
I'm leaning more towards something breezy and a filter, not a light changer.
Loving these breezy ones for our French doors, 
but, the side of the house that these are on gets the very hot Summer sun
and we need some reprieve from the harsh Australian sun.
So, now I am looking for something similar that looks floaty like these,
but has that heat filtering quality....any ideas?

I'm on a mission... that's for sure!


  1. Hmm.. hard to get floaty and thick enough to block the sun. I have white cotton duck cloth curtains hanging in a room which gets very hot and sunny in summer, it looks fresh and floaty but manages to take the edge off that searing sun. Have you considered a neutral coloured blind behind to block as well as floaty fabric so you can use one at a time or both?
    love the pics..
    Bec x

    1. I know. I have something similar to cotton duck on our doors at the moment, but the sun here is so strong, it cuts through them. I am thinking maybe lining them with white linen for added weight.
      Thanks for your thoughts...the blind is a good idea!
      Ness xx

  2. oh how lovely are those photos??? What about those honeycomb blinds in white with the floaty curtains in front of them? They're supposed to be super-insulated...


    1. Unfortunately I don't like those. I have a friend who has them, and she hates them now too. I am sure I will find the right solution....soon =0/
      Thanks Anne,
      Ness xx

  3. ohhh...that means Fall for me...actually our summer has been so hot that I'm kind of ready to put a pumpkin on my porch

    1. That sounds lovely. I cant wait for Spring after seeing the photos from the Northern Summer xx

  4. Those photos are so relaxing. Love them! I also am looking for white curtains with filtering. Good luck! If I find some, I will pass on where I found them to you.
    Urban Vintage Barn

  5. I have never heard of London blinds - you learn something new every day!
    When it came to making some curtains for my studio I planned on making something very similar to the ones in the last photo. In the end I felt really lazy and make them up very simply using a sheer from Spotlight. I was after a cotton muslin, but they didn't have any of course so chose a polyester that was not fun to sew. They are on my blog at the moment if you would like to check them out. Whatever you do I'm sure they will look beautiful :)

    1. You would love them Sarah and they are so easy to sew! Maybe I will do a how to post xx

  6. I found some great linen curtains at Ikea a while ago, they are perfect. Not too heavy, not too light etc. I went back to get some more a while ago and sadly couldn't find them again. Good luck with your search.

    1. I know the ones you mean, and they are on my list for my next trip to the Tempe store...hopefully they will work.
      Thanks xx

  7. I love the french doors and the curtains.Thanks..

    Sheer curtains


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