Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A wonderful surprise....

What a lovely surprise!
Today when I logged on to my 
business Facebook page for 
I was delighted to see that
some unseen images from the photo shoot I was delighted to be
part of for the June issue.
Here you can see some tags I made for myself, especially the
'Starlight' circle one, a customer seen this from one of my own shots and it 
is now gone...must make another.

The amazing Photographer, Sharyn Carins shot a lot of amazingly
beautiful images that day, and not all of them would fit in the 5 page layout.
The job of Editor, Victoria Carey, must be so hard having to delve through
beautiful images and pick only a handful for each story!

The pictures are wonderful, and capture 
Marley & Lockyer, my Family and I beautifully.
If you would like to see the rest of the images,
please head over to Country Style on Facebook
to have a look.
....tell them I said hi!


  1. Beautiful shots.Hope the new work space is going well.
    Bec x

  2. Gorgeous images Ness and the starlight tag is beautiful - I think you should make another batch :)

  3. Hi Ness,

    Thanks for the heads up on this as I enjoy seeing as many shots as possible!! I also read the comments that people have left you, they are heartfelt and genuinely encouraging.

    I have my eye on the feather and the 'starlight' tag.....very nice.

    Have a great day.
    Take care

  4. Ahhh....i must go back to my copy and have another look; more gorgeous shots and a lovely girl to go with it....take care Ness.

  5. Oh, i'm so ashamed, i've not opened Country Style June, i was saving it for the holidays, will pop it in the car for next time i'm waiting somewhere (my best friend bought me a subscription for my birthday, bless her) so it's sitting patiently for me. Beautiful images, how delightful, congratulations, love Posie


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