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Monday, June 14, 2010

Digging for inspiration

A purely inspirational post today. I delivered some accessories to the Miners Cottage today that I am working on and was a little overwhelmed by what has to be done still. So I have returned home to look through some old USB drives that I have photos and images on and these next shots just filled me with so many ideas not only for the cottage but for our own home.
The photo above is just lovely. I still haven't settled on what it is that I like about it so much, all I know for the moment is it jumped out straight away =0)
home beautiful
I LOVE this kitchen. I wish I had a better image to show you this image really does not do this kitchen justice - at all! I would happily cook in this kitchen without any woes I am sure. I really like the rolling pins by the door there, the industrial elements and or course the white...heaven!

Ralph Lauren
It has been so very cold here the last few days and although I am in a singlet top right now as Mic has the fire going so hot, I love the thought of actual open fireplace instead of it being encased in glass, or cast iron. I think the candles here just set the mood beautifully.

country living
This setting suits the temp in our house right now...somewhere by the ocean!
I loved this image as inspiration for the Miners Cottage. Light bright and breezy.
Now this image has been the winner for my flagging inspiration today. I look at this shot and imagine so many decorating ideas for any room in a house, not just the kitchen. I would love to have a kitchen like this. Someday!
Any way I have been re inspired so I will get back to it =0D
Ness xx

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Two Art Directors...Industrial Love!

Today I had an email with a link to an Etsy store called Two Art Directors from Jamie, the owner saying that the items in the store represented my aesthetic, so intrigued, I had to look.

Wow! The images I am showing you now are just some of the ones that I thought were very this Industrial gauge above which would look great on a wall along side some nautical paraphernalia or in a little boys room with racing car items.

Or this galvanised bucket which is huge...and has a lovely patina to it. I would imagine this filled with fluffy white rolled towels along side a white claw foot bath under a crystal, vintage chandelier.

Always a lover of old lamps like this.

This one is from the Aladdin Manufacturing Company and is circa 1900's. i love the fact that it has that industrial look and has the decorative base to it...very nice.

This is amazing!!! It is from the Canadian Department of Agriculture and is dated 1912. It is actually a weed and plant specimen set which has the original contents in it but two. How cool is that. I wonder if there is anything that I would recognise in there...i seem to attract weeds in the garden!...but my favourite one is this.

It is an adding machine from the 1900's and would look great in my barn!
To have a detailed look at these amazing items and all of the other beauties in this store, visit Two Art Directors.
Ness xx
USB problem is all better and the fires have all but gone. We even had a sprinkling of rain today!