Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quite A Buzz!

Who would have though?
That this shot of my clay tags all waiting very patiently to be cured would be a HUGE success!
This was taken in the lead up to the 2010 Easter range and I though I 'work in process' shot would be good.
Well, it seems to have become a big hit with Pinterest.
The traffic it has created is mind blowing...a good thing I might add,
In the comments under each 're-pin' there is a recipe for a salt dough mix with my tags as the advertisement.
I could foresee what would happen and I was right.
Emails asking how I got the finish as their salt dough mix didn't turn out and had I forgot something in the ingredients
...no, because they are not salt dough, but earthenware clay.
So, I spent a bit of time typing this under some of the re-pins so hopefully I didn't have to keep saying the same thing.
It is amazing that such an innocent shot of my humble work has soared to new heights,
but I just don't want to have to answer hundreds of emails asking how I did my mix, because
It is amazing, this Internet pinning phenomenon that has taken myself and many others under its grip, and sucked us in to pinning images we love...it's addictive...it really is!
I just hope when they follow the link and come to my blog, that they will see this and I have answered the question...I hope.

Otherwise I was STOKED for the added interest in my blog and Shop,
so thank you Pinterest.


  1. Ah, that's always the risk of having your photos in the public domain, isn't it, Ness? A real conundrum there with no easy answer. J x

  2. Love them...especially because there is no salt!! :) xv

  3. hope the confusion will be resolved:)
    nice job with the pins

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  4. you are a great sport!...imitation is the best form of flattery. I've seen other people that have made clay tags and made disclaimers as to not "copy their designs" even though they tout themselves as "DIYER'S"and most obviously copied the idea themselves...'tis the internet. Creative people are unique and thousands of people may try to replicate your designs...but those just won't be the same because they were not made by..you<3 Now you have probably have thousands of new blog followers. Yup, I'm addicted to Pinterest too!

  5. these pendants are beautiful. i'm so glad i clicked on the picture to find your blog and your clarification :) is this the real color of the clay?

  6. So sorry that has happened to you... hopefully there is a silver lining with a bunch more followers! Thanks for the clarification... I'm off to find a real salt dough recipe! (But so excited I found your beautiful blog!) jules

  7. The one good thing about it is that so many people will see your beautiful work and hopefully visit your blog and shop.


  8. great post Ness! It's a powerfull tool I think ;)

  9. ah ness, your blog is so popular!!! 2200 followers, you should sell advertising I reckon!! good onya, I just adore the tags!

  10. Hello, I've come to your Blog via Pinterest - yes, I love it too!

    So pleased to have found your Blog, I wouldn't have come here if it wasn't for your beautiful photo. Also, I've just visited your shop - I love this: Sweet Leaf White Clay Tag- set of 4 - very nice!

    Have a lovely day!

    Jane :D

  11. These are so gorgeous & clever. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Thanks for clearing that up! I was sucked in by the pinterest caption. Your work is beautiful though!

  13. well, I too was sucked in, however they are gorgeous and I may have to borrow this to come up w/ something crafty for the kiddos to do w/ the holidays coming up. Glad I found your blog anyway! I Love all the white.

  14. found you via pinterest (with a note under the pic that it was salt dough). glad i went to the source and thanks for taking the time for the explaination. you have a beautiful blog!

  15. Oh how interesting..I saw this on pinterest and thought...THESE ARE NOT SALT DOUGH..they look JUST LIKE Ness's ones...click..click..and VOILA! I'm at your blog...I wonder why the person who originally pinned it wrote that it was salt dough?? How odd! I'm sure it's a pain getting all those enquiries but you're sure right...Pinterest has grabbed us all and hurled us into cyberspace at every available spare moment!! lol...addictive indeed!!
    your blog..lovely as always!!
    ciao bella
    jessie xx

  16. How wonderful that you are getting blog traffic from pinterest. I keep saying I'm going to look into pinterest and then I get busy. These are beautiful clay tags my talented bloggy friend.well done Big Hugs ♥

  17. Ness,
    Of course a million people have tagged them! Your work is beautiful!! Glad to hear they are earthenware! Adore what you do - you are so talented!!

  18. I too came under false salt dough pinning, wanting to know how it was made. Only because your work is gorgeous!
    Glad you clarified and I'm glad I found your work!
    Beautiful stuff!

  19. THANK YOU- LOVE THEM - wheter salt dough or not. congrats to you for sharing the truth and your art. Very impressive. will you share how to make the actual clay type or what you recommend?

  20. Oh my! I was also one of the those people who originally thought your work was Salt Dough, but then read more and realized it actually clay. Thank you for clarifying and I will help you fix the misunderstanding!! Your work is beautiful by the way :)

  21. I thought it was salt dough too! Thanks for clarifying! I need to make some tags for an upcoming Christmas party invitation. Your work has inspired me! Thanks!

  22. Haha, Pinterest led me here but your beautiful designs kept me browsing. You do wonderful work! Congrats on all the added buzz!

  23. I am glad that I develed farther to see if they were baked. I love your blog and love that Pinterest led me to you!

  24. Heh. I recently saw the Pin with the salt dough recipe and I laughed out loud. I've made salt dough and it looks nothing like your beautiful tags. keep up the great work!

  25. I cam from Pinterest too! I thought, salt dough, huh, wonder if she posts how she made them. So I came. Hope I can give you a few tips if you don't mind. First, watermark all of your pictures that you post on your blog, either with your logo, or a simple url to your blog address, or even blog name Then when someone pins a pic that you posted, they will know exactly who took the pic and where to go to find it.

    If you don't know how to watermark photos you can use Picnik and watermark them that way, or if you have Windows Live Writer on your computer you can actually write blog posts from it and watermark each photo that way. It might take a little longer to watermark photos when you're putting them in a post but it's totally worth it. I've started watermarking all of mine now.

    And if you don't have Windows Live Writer you can download it for free. It's a really simple program to use. I even helped write a post on it on Crafterminds.com

  26. I have to admit I followed the trail because pinterest.... I kept thinking salt dough tags, really? They look like the clay tags I make once in a blue moon. And sure enough, they are! But I must say I am so glad I did follow the lead otherwise I would have never found out about your work. Incredible!

  27. Dear Ness, as with everyone else who followed the bread crumbs to your lovely website, I am happy to have found it. What wonderful treasures you make. Both inspiring and desirable. Thanks for sharing your beautiful talents with the world. <3

  28. Just wanted to say your work is lovely, I have reprinted your picture but changed it to say clay ware.


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