Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stylishly Styled

I am now fussing over the styling and placement of things in the shop. There are about 4 types of 'visions' of each wall and the window display for the all important first week of trade. Let me tell you, as much as I find styling objects easy, this is something that is doing my head in.
I am trying to go with a naturally put together system which doesn't look too 'done', but I also want it to look like it has been thought out well...oh boo hoo I know. (I am going to do a big 1m x 1m canvas of that little pear)
As we will be having some antique pieces in the store, like this wine rack, along with new pieces I know it will all flow well as I plan to display like coloured pieces together.
This, I love. The texture of the string (my fave kind which will be used heavily in the shop), the antique magnifying glass, linen ribbon...or is it gross grain? and the glasses..which look like my own, all laid out on an old silver tray with that beautifully aged patina you can buy new...perfection.
Ahh...the baskets, I have a thing for baskets and this is my fave kind. Everything in this room just goes like it has been made for one another. I have always love long branches and leaves (like the Gymea Lilly leaves) in jugs or glass vases and will certainly have one of these on the counter of the shop. I will be raiding our Tortured Willow Tree often for this display. I will post some of my 'doodles' of the displays for some feed back soon. I have to tidy them up first.
Take Care...Ness xx
images - Country Living, Country Home Ideas, Home Beautiful


  1. I don't think it's my computer, but I'm not getting images on your most recent 2 blogs.

  2. Sounds like the displays in your shop will be beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing the doodles. Hope you manage to get some sleep in between thinking of different places to put things!

  3. what a stunning collection of images Ness, and if this is where you are drawing inspiration from for your shop - wow! - how long til it opens? Can't wait to see what it looks like so make sure you post lots of photos! xx


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