About Me

My name is Ness and I love vintage linens and clay
(sound like I should be in A.A!)
Right from a very early age, I would draw my dream home,
which was always shaped like The Old Lady we live in right now, 
make homes for Barbies and play with plasticine.
Through Primary and High School, I revelled in Art.
I created what my Art Teachers told me was wrong.
I have always drawn, sewed, sculpted etc to my own beat,
learning from mistakes and making my own way to do things
...I still do this today.
It works =0)

In 2007 I decided that I need to do something creative again and help out 
by making some money while I was a stay-at-home-Mum.
From there I moved on to linens and a $25 sewing machine, 
a lump of clay and time in between babies napping
...that's all I needed to start
Marley & Lockyer

On May 17th, 2008
I decided to keep this blog as a journal of my journey
with Marley & Lockyer, styling, gorgeous homes and the renovation
of The Old Lady...
and have not looked back since.

has become a full time love for me now our little boys are at school,
and is moving forward each day.
All the products are made solely by me in our 
1883 home in the stunning Tamar Valley in Tasmania.
I make hand blocked and screen printed cushions,
clay and polymer jewellery and,
the ever popular
White Clay Tags.
Recently, bowls and plates have been added to the list,
and I am sure something else will be not too far away!

i can't wait to see what is around the corner...and I hope you will join me!
Ness xx