Monday, September 22, 2008

...because some people dream in French!

This glorious store, Maison Reve, belongs to Yasmine McGrane. She fills it with finds from France, Markets, Estate Sales and Local Artists...which is like my own store. The sign along the window reads..."because some people dream in French", I can relate! Love it all, Hydrangeas (and white) in beat up metal buckets, black shop front, white inside...and a dog like ours!!
One of her best sellers is their hand sewn, vintage pillows and cushions. I will have that one...and that one....
This is the entry to her stunning home in San Francisco. The French Doors are no longer used, but they kept them for the light. You can't see it very well but Yasmine has hung her Wedding dress to the left as a piece of art. What about the stair cut outs? beautiful.
Her Living area is relaxed and beautiful. The ladder is from a barn in Provence, and the art on the wall from an Artist in Avignon. I love the vintage ticking on the chair.
A fabulous idea for a headboard...a vintage Mantel surround. The letters are also vintage finds, and represent Yasmine and her Husband, Davids names. I so want the '&', and the red cushions, which are also vintage....I could definitely dream in French here.
Ness xx
images - country home


  1. Very much love the idea of old stairs (leading to nowhere) used for displaying flowers and favorite things.
    ...Ness, BIG THANKS for including me in your blog list.

  2. I could definitely dream in French there also! What a beautiful find. Thanks !!!;)

  3. What a gorgeous shop - wish it were closer!
    So many great idea in this post Ness, thank you.

  4. Oh yes - pure gorgeous! I have seen her home in one or 2 of my mags and loved it! Your blog is so inspiring Ness thanks for putting such great pics/wording out there for us! Mel xxx

  5. Thanks for all your comments, I think I have my groove back. I had lost the spark there for a few days. Vicki, you can buy online...your account won't be happy though! lol.
    Viera, thats fine. I do like to pop over to your blog. Thanks Mel for the lovely are a luv. Ness xx

  6. dreaming away here... just absolutely gorgeous!

  7. I have just found your blog and was wondering where in Tassie is your shop? Going over in November to Lauceston.

  8. Ness, what a GORGEOUS house! I could move straight in and be utterly happy. I LOVE that headboard idea - Genius! Those vintage pillows are too-die-for.

    Anna :)

  9. Our shop isn't currently opened...yet! We are hoping to be by November, but no set date as yet, sorry. It will be in Beaconsfield on the main road (where the Mine Museum, and the mine disaster was) in the building called Alicia Hall. Stay tuned and you all will find out as soon as I am opened...can't wait! Thanks for visiting. Ness xx

  10. I am desparately looking for a mantel similiar to the one in this Country Home magazine. Any idea where I might something like this in Austin, Texas.


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