Friday, September 12, 2008

The Best Rose Is A Vintage...

We had a terrible electrical storm here this morning, rendering us I was over craft with the boys, we decided to go to town...this is what I bought from the beautiful store The Vintage Rose, which I have posted on before (click here to see). A lovely Linen Tea towel (which I plan to make a cushion out of), a huge ball of twine (for wrapping gifts) and last but not least, this gorgeous Porcelain Tag with the Eiffel Tower stamped on it. There were others, and I had to contain myself from buying more. There were some with a French Post Stamp, some with Paris on them, some with script on...and it went on. The lovely Amanda was very helpful, and I will be back to do a feature on her and her stunning shop...stay tuned. xx
Images - Ness Lockyer.


  1. Hi! just found your lovely blog and so close to me too.I am on the north west coast of Tasmania, recently arrived from melbourne I have just started a blog "Shoestring Chateau" and would love to hear of any more interesting shops etc.that you know of.Will add you to my favourites now.Regards Chris

  2. Thanks for stopping by Chris. It is nice to meet others from Tassie. I love cute. I left a comment on your blog. Well done for getting started, it's lots of fun. Ness xx

  3. Great pics Ness - these photos are good enough to be published!

    I reckon those labels have been done with stamps from the gorgeous Cavallini range. I bought 3 different sets from them last year & just adore them.
    Millie ^_^

  4. I have sussed out that range, Millie over the weekend. I am looking at stocking the Cavallini range. Thanks for the compliment on my amateur photo...I was proud of that so Ta! Ness xx

  5. Great buys Ness! I especially love the ceramic tag.

    How did your mannequin auction go?

  6. I didn't win the Mannequin Amanda, but always looking out for one...hint, hint, if anyone sees one! lol Ness xx


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