Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cogs are turning...

Now that I have pretty much settled on the shop in the previous post, my thoughts are back to how and where to put everything. I found this shop called Found In France in Brisbane. Their displays are lovely...and now I have a bee in my bonnet to get going with it all.
The dining sets they have look lovely against this old buffet and hutch.
This is the entrance to the store, which they share with another store, Shelter, a Interior & Exterior Design consultancy. It looks great.
I love the inside of the Durance store in VIC. White and bright.
I am on the hunt now for an old shop counter, furniture pieces and vintage textiles for the shop...lots to plan, lots to do. Can't wait. Ness xx
images 1,2,3 - Found In France.
image - 4 - Durance


  1. Found in France is a great shop - I pop in there when I can to browse and be inspired. I love the displays of soups in simple bowls in the photo from Durance.

  2. What fun times ahead for you.

    I've just tagged you - check out my blog if you want to play along (if you've time!)

  3. Clare, you guys have great home stores up there...it's definately what is lacking in Beaconsfield.
    Michelle...I am off to check it! Ness xx


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