Monday, January 12, 2009

What is it?...

image - Bountiful
...with Linen I mean? I adore it - all. Seeing beautiful pieces makes my heart beat faster.
I don't know if it is the hunt for something not mass produced, a one off monogrammed sheet
for a young woman's glory box, a perfectly worn piece of tapestry you could make into a bag
or cushion for the lounge...I am not sure.
I have long had a love affair with all forms of soft furnishings, but vintage linen still
gets me every time. I have loads in my linen closet, and can't bear to part with any of them.
I think these blue cushions and snowy white linen are divine.

image - Katie d-i-d
Linen can really draw your eye to something beautiful in a room, whilst being subtle, yet still lovely in it's own right. Like this gorgeous iron bed and the steel gray coverlet against white. A sumptuous gauzy curtain frames it all.

image - Katie d-i-d
Against a white sofa, this stunning wall hanging works so well with rich velvet cushions and a sisal mat, bringing out the warmth in the wood pieces.
I have always wanted something like this for a wall.

image - Marley & Lockyer
One of my own cushions on our bed.
I made this in a putty coloured linen. I like these so much I am
making more for our lounge.

image - unknown (sorry)
Storing linens is one of the fun parts. The whole process of ironing, folding and
putting on a shelf alongside my Lavender linen water is a very calming thing for me, and something I don't do often enough.

image - Country Living
Nancy Fishelson loves vintage pieces and has this little cupboard
in her Bedroom to display her lovelies.

image - Lazybones
Beautiful textural linens is something I love for accent pieces for beds.
This one comes in a vast array of muted colours, with little circle cushions
and those lovely ruched pillow cases.

Image - Etsy
My new fascination at the moment is feed sacks, flour sacks and grain sacks.
I have recently bought some to make into cushions for our home.
I love the utilitarian quality of them, the nubby texture and the old business signs and logos on them, especially when the cushions are made with just a peek of the main print on it.
I think this one is a reproduction...can't remember.

image - Etsy
This one is real.
I am sorry to have bored you with my obsession.
So now you all know that I am a linen geek and this is one of the main reasons I can't leave a bed unmade....and see lovely linen all crumpled at the foot of a bed! :)
I just don't know what it is!
Ness xx


  1. Such beautiful images Ness. Especially love the colour and texture of the quilt from Lazybones - the work in that is amazing. Might go check that one out further!

  2. I adore old linen too Ness - one of the things I am permanently on the lookout for in France. Lovely post, xv.

  3. I am so jealous Vicki that you have all of those beautiful vintage linens at you fingertips to rumage for.
    Ness xx

  4. Catherine,
    They do that cover in white too!!!!! and have beautiful Euro cases.
    Ness xx

  5. I love linens too. I'm particularly drawn to white linens. I love an all white bed.

    Grain sacks are so fun. I saw a French chair recovered in grain sacks in a magazine last year. Such a fun idea.


  6. Hi Ness!

    You're speaking straight to my heart - I so share your obsession! Antique tea towels, too. I have those two photos from Katie's site on my sidebar so I can look at them everyday LOL! The feedsacks are so cute, and I'm seeing them around in shops, and hopefully the perfect one (or three!) in my little home soon! =)
    Happy Monday
    xo Isa

  7. Ness,

    Loved looking at the pics of your obsession. I don't think you are alone in the obsession though....especially with the vintage linens....we just have to touch them and pick them is like we are connecting with those in the past who have adored them, made them and loved them! Great post! ~Cheryl

  8. Hi Ness!

    Me too, I love linen and I am always on the hunt for them. I was lucky enough to get all my Grandma's linen lovilies. I also LOVE the second picture, to curl up on that bed with a good book would be quite nice.

  9. Stumbled across your blog and love all your lovely pics. I hope you don't mind if I visit again, so much inpsiration!!

  10. Beautiful linens! This post could make a linen addict out of anyone :)

    One of my favorite shops has rolls of vintage french linen that I am drawn to with each visit though I have nothing in particular that I would use it for... I think it looks perfectly gorgeous rolled on a tabletop!

  11. There is just something so romantic about linen and especially in these photos. Lovely post!

  12. Such pretty images Ness, that Lazybones image is gorgeous. I'm having such a hard time finding the perfect linen for my daughters single beds, you may have solved my problem.

    Happy new year! xx

  13. Brooke,
    You read my mind. I love an all white bed (theres a shock) and our own bed is white sheets, white cellular blanket, white Marie Claire quilt cover, white textured throw (I have a grey one on order), and white Euro pillows and another 2 which have the most subtle hint of baby blue pattern in it.
    As for the grain sack chair, I would love a Louis chair covered in an old french flour sack...oh to dream!

  14. Hi Sharon,
    Of course I don't mind if you pop in..anytime. I am glad you find it inspiring,
    Ness xx

  15. Alice,
    Could you tell me where that shop is!!!! I would have a field day in there I am sure.
    Ness xx

  16. I love your pillow designs they are amazing!! I love all things french too! Do you sell wholesale at all? You would do fabulous if you did!!


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