Thursday, February 19, 2009

I want to play Looch...

My lovely big Sister, (2nd eldest) Linda is moving this weekend to a home she has wanted for a long time. The style she is after is a sort of grown up beach feel. Not all red and white lighthouses and blue and white starfish etc, but a more muted natural palette.
She will keep some of her little lighthouses and beach paraphernalia, but it will be more pared back. Here are some ideas I have for you Looch...
I think you get the gist here...loads of white and touches of blue, cream and stripes.
The stairs inside are a nightmare apparently and Looch (by the way this is her nickname since we were little) is having issues with what to do to fix them. I suggested taking them out of where they are and moving them to your new entry way and having storage under for your vacuum.

A palette like this as a base which you can add your blues and a hint of red. The chair rail ledge is a wonderful idea. Frame all of your photos in the same type of frame to keep it looking stylish. this. BTW, there is a blog for Phoebe's designs now (yay!) Thanks Anna!
How warm and cosy is this space, not to mention beautiful. This look would work with your sofa Looch.

...but I know you will love this.
My favourite for your ideas. White, stripes, wicker and a big boat.
How good do the roll up matchstick blinds look with the eyelet curtains?
No need for expensive blinds Linda!!!
Well, as I am MILES away from my big Sister, this is the least I can do as I can't actually get my paws on her
Have fun arranging Linda...I SO wish I could play too!
Miss you...
Ness xx


  1. If I'm ever lucky enough to have a holiday home by the beach, I'm calling you up straight away to come decorate it for me! These are all beautiful ideas and I'm sure your sister will love them.

  2. Beautiful, clean beachy feel, Ness.
    Love them all.
    I'm off to visit the blog featuring Phoebe Howard's designs. She is one of my favorites.
    Thank you for the introduction.


  3. Those are wonderful inspirational photos you found for your sister - hope she likes them!

  4. Mornin' Ness...

    Your Sis is so blessed to be getting a new home...ohhh, what fun...having a new, fresh palette to design and decorate!!! I wish your sister that very best!

    I love the design ideas you came up...your Sis is lucky to have you!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  5. Hi Ness~ much fun to play! I love all the images you picked, my favourite is the last image, so sophisticated and clean.

    Congratulations to your sis!!! How exciting. ~Miss Kris~

  6. Those dark floors....sigh...those dark floors. I don't care that they would always look dusty...those dark floors:-)

  7. All of the pictures are just lovely. Especially love the first and last ones. How nice that you are helping your sister from afar!

  8. Love all the photo's especially the dining setting, but the last photo with the boat screams classic, stylish beach house to me xx

  9. Stunning photos, how exciting for your sis to be moving to her dream home! Am sure you will find a way to get there soon to oversee the decor lol! Mel xxx

  10. Beautiful rooms, your ideas are all fabulous Ness. Amanda x

  11. So many beautiful rooms & great ideas!!!! love all the white & the feeling of all the rooms...

  12. Gorgeous Ness. You have such great taste. It's a pity you are so far from your sister. Sounds like you would wave your wonderful design wand over her place in no time. Doesn't that dining table set up look cosy - I can see reading, eating, socializing on that lounge - what a great idea! A-M xx

  13. WOW - That white bedroom is my dream.

  14. Some lovely images Ness. I like every one!

  15. Hi Weenessa,I just love those pics the stairs are excatly what i would like in my house. The pic of the loungeroom is just right thanks for the pics i will call u soon Luv Looch xx

  16. Hi Looch,
    I am so glad you like what I have shown. As for the Chandelier issue. I am on it!!! Luv you...Ness xx


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