Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Virtual Beach House...

As some of you know I am consulting on a beach house makeover that is underway. While I have been digging through files of images for inspiration to suit the owners needs, I have been wondering if we were to ever get a little, or big beach house, what would be the elements that I would want. So, I thought I would take you on a virtual tour through my head to my perfect beach house from front door to back...

I would imagine it to be either faded grey shingles or white board on the outside, with wide verandas and a few dormer windows to really take advantage of the sea breeze...a wildflower meadow would be wonderful also.

As you enter, you would be welcomed by a small feature table with a simple, but beautiful mirror over it, to check your beach hair for foreign objects! Simple black and white photos of Summers past would adorn the wall. Definitely white washed floors for carefree living throughout.
This beach house will be used all year, and I imagine the feel in winter to be still stylish, yet filled with lots of touchy fabrics in colours that mimic the palette of the ocean surroundings, sand, pebble, white and hints of black. Of course there would be a crackling fire to listen to as wonderful background noise to accompany the waves rolling in.
Come Summer time, we would welcome it in by throwing the doors open, putting away the quilts and pulling out aquas, faded blues and greens and picking the wild flowers from our field which has come to life.

An all white kitchen that has some interesting features will be a pleasure to cook in. Bin pull handles on the drawers and small knobs for the doors in a brushed aluminium, loads of wicker baskets, wicker blinds and hints of fresh blue and white china here and there.
Just off the kitchen, a little sitting area or breakfast nook to take in the ocean life while you ponder the Sunday papers and have your fresh fruit and muesli would be sublime.
A wonderfully fresh beaded board bathroom, with either reclaimed flagstone flooring or lime washed wood would be perfect for sandy feet to be cleaned. Loads of wicker and simple finishes everywhere else remind you of where you are.

Still, I can't go past a white claw foot to soak a long days swimming away.

In my vision, Mason and Declan share a room (they have there own in reality). It will have a feature wall behind there beds of faded, vintage style maps, loads of navy blue and white, more wicker and simple white linen. These beds are divine.

I must admit, our own bedroom is what I could imagine here in this virtual beach house. Except there would boat oars above the bed or a really peaceful and calm beach painting with straw colour grass swaying in the foreground.

My perfect outdoor room. Imagine having carefree Bar-b-ques and a glass of wine out here? I would take out the can lights (down lights) and just have hurricane lamps, candles and a white washed chandelier in this space.
..and what beach house would be complete with it's own boat ramp?
So, now I have made my wish list, I just have to wish to the beach house god's to grant me this exact home!!
Ness xx
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  1. My, I'd like to come to that beach house for some afternoon tea and scones. Lovely.

  2. You are more than welcome Lexy.
    Ness xx

  3. Great inspiration! A beach house is my dream.

  4. a magical dream home for sure

  5. That's a beautiful wish if ever I did see one! I love not only the house and interior, but the wild flower field and that mossy boat ramp with the grey skies.... Ahhhh!
    xo Isa

  6. Oh Ness! I am loving my stay at your virtual "BEACH" house. I could spend hours here. I love the sunroom. I can just imagine opening up those windows and enjoy the sea you mind if I spend the weekend here???

    ~Miss Kris~

  7. Oh wow, that all sounds heavenly! I love your thought process and the photos you chose. I also love the art above your real bed.

  8. Your clients are going to be thrilled! My mind went right to the room with the crackling fire. Oh and I love that wall of the map wall covering! I love your tour Ness!!

  9. yes,yes,yes,yes............

    everything is purrrrrfect !

    what an magnificent escape !


  10. Sooo inviting! A beautiful home...we all start with dreams.

  11. STUNNING!!! I would love to live there as well~

  12. all i can say is "aaaaaaahhhhhhhh" amazing post.

  13. And what a dreamy home it is! I love the room with the twin beds and that kitchen is one of my favorites!

    Karen O.

  14. I love it, when can I move in?

  15. That outdoor space took my breath husband has just gone to see if we too could fit in shutters for our french doors! Love your post and ideas.x

  16. Wouldn't it be loverly!... I will bookmark that outdoor photo for some inspiration for my new deck and i just adore the way the maps have been pasted haphazardly on the wall of the boy's room.

    Clare x


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