Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Office Saga Has Ended!!

Over the weekend we have been SO busy. Took Mum to the Airport and came home to re arrange the office...again! Only, this time to a different room!!
Now this has been an on going thing. Let me explain...
Those of you that have read M&L for a while would remember I started in this room above. The spare room that had a lot of everything else in it. I eventually got squeezed out when Slot Car Metropolis (Mics Slot Car table) took over 3/4 of the I moved the front room of the house. I did like this space. Loads of room and it only had my office/sewing/craft stuff in it, but it was at the other end of the house which made it tricky to do anything down there with the boys up the other, after a bit of discussing...

Mic let me have the original office back!!!
I know, Days Of Our Lives! This time however, I have nothing in here but my things for the shop etc. I have long loved these Chalk walls and filled them with my old frame, which was my inspiration board frame in the last room, and some pictures I have long loved behind my desk.

Oh, and I now have a French door. Not painted yet (it leaks and has to be re glazed!!) but lovely all the same. I have a lovely view out to the boys playing and our old Sycamore Tree...
...and the light in here is wonderful. The other room only got morning sun, so I am so happy. This is also the room where our computer is and I am blogging from right now. Everything is at hand and I have been super inspired in here....look out!
BTW, thanks to everyone who has left comments for the Giveaway so far...Don't forget, you have until Friday night to leave one (Aust time). See yesterdays post for details.
Ness xx


  1. What a lovely inspiring room. Worth the saga to get there I think!


  2. Hey Ness,

    Happy 1st blog birthday! You haven't missed a beat and you should be super proud of all you have achieved. Cheers to the next year being full of more Marley & Lockyer creativity and blogiNess!

    P.s love the new office digs :)

    ~M~ x

  3. What a lovely room! I especially love the last photo...great job!

  4. It was all meant to be Ness, as this is definitely the nicest option! It's lovely to be able to see the garden from your desk.
    Millie ^_^

  5. I am currently gathering ideas for my home office so thank you for the inspiration...your office looks so lovely and cozy and what a nice view to have whilst working away.

  6. it looks beautiful!!! love your french door with a view!!


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