Thursday, June 11, 2009

Elements from Home I love....

A few of you thought that the images I posted yesterday were of our home (which there aren't), so I thought I would show you some of my favourite things around our house. Some of them are what sealed the deal for us, and others are just little things I love.

This stone is original to our house and was under one of the front windows before a previous owner made the front veranda. I am so glad they didn't cement it in and salvaged it. I plan to grow some daisies around this.
This is the frame to our house number tiles, which was from a 100 year old home my Uncle had salvaged. I think it was a window architrave. Dad turned it into the frame for me. I love the age it shows.
This is the side of our yard, which will eventually be planted with a row of flowering crab apple trees and agapanthas along the driveway. What we love though is the fact that that is our Neighbours house way over there. The room here is amazing.
Our new french doors are lovely and I love the new colour I have put on the wall (remember I painted it white days before xmas and Mic didn't like it? well this is what we chose) and my little bird which is above the picture rail. Our curtains still aren't finished yet, but I couldn't wait to get them up.
Our old stained glass front door is so beautiful and this is one of the first things I remembered when we came to view the house.
You probably think I am crazy for showing this, but it is the date on our old claw foot. I always wanted a claw foot and even in the state it is in I could see her potential. Next year it will be 100 years old...and it is real cast iron!
The foot is so wonderful. I had given it a coat of white as I couldn't bear to see it bronze gold (actually rust gold would be a better description) and the bath side was black...eeew! It needs done properly though.
I know I have showed it before, but I really love the room our bedroom is in. Originally the living room, it never got used, I loved it and we moved in!!
Our high beaded board ceilings go right through the house and create a sense of warmth and interest to the space.
I always, ALWAYS wanted a fireplace and in this house we got 4. This one is in our room and the mantel was rescued from our garage. I painted the bricks (they were brown) with stone paint.
This one was made by my Dad for Declan's room and the bricks are so old that the mortar has started to fall out...a render job is needed here.
This is a beautiful old one in the Kitchen. The old fire is a wonderful vessel for heat and often melts the candles. It does a great stew too. The other one is in Mason's room, but I didn't get a pic of it. There are way too many things to show, but I hope you liked some of the little things that I love from our home.
Ness xx


  1. This was such a nice post! I loveed yesterday's post and did enjoy clicking your words "source" on each picture! I got to know stores I'd never heard of before and loved (this is not a good thing)!! :)

    Thanks Ness!


  2. Pretty pictures!

    What bird do you have? I'd love to see picture's of her/him

  3. So much character, so many beautiful details! Love your french doors and your bead board ceilings.

  4. Nice post, beautiful home. A lot of nice and delightful details.

  5. I love that original stone! So many gorgous things in your house Ness. That old claw foot is superb and I also love the front door!

  6. Ness, you have a such a gorgeous home with many beautiful features. I love that 100-year-old clawfoot bathtub! When the weather in Tassie gets too cold you should have a good, long soak in your tub. Lee :)

  7. I LOVE your blog, and your pictures truly inspire me!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Greetings from Norway.
    Feel free to stop by my blog if you want to see who I am...

  8. What is displayed on the wall behind your bed? It is intriguing; did you make it?
    Thanks for any info; your decorating style is fabulous!
    Janet in NY

  9. Your home is so beautiful, thank you for sharing with us! I have that same candelabra hanging in my bathroom!

    Love the stone in the front, how special to have that

  10. Thanks for the open house, it was great. Your home has some special touches to it. Again thank you for sharing them!

  11. I love your home, Ness. It's so you!!

    Your little birdie is adorable!!So many beautiful, aged details. Just love the feeling of your house.

  12. Hi Ness,
    Another lovely post - enjoyed seeing the personal things you love around your home. Thanks for sharing.
    Take care.


  13. Lovely home you have ...

    ~~~ Stuey having her Pay It Forward ... if you want any cool items ... go visit your blog ~~~

  14. Ness!
    I love visiting your beautiful home! It is filled with amazing history and your magic touches are everywhere! It would be a home I could move right into and be very very happy~
    p.s. I got my dishtowels!!! Oh my gosh, how i Love them! I think I will have to buy some more because Noel will steal one:) i think...

  15. These are so wonderful! The history is amazing.

  16. These are the best pictures i have come across
    they are so beautiful
    and i will choose something like these for my new home
    Teal LoveSeat

  17. Oh Ness, what a beautiful, beautiful home you have. Such history.. I could feel it even through your photos. I always think that I would feel so honoured to be entrusted to look after such a beautiful piece of history for the next generation... and it seems to me that you are loving 'her' to bits! A-M xx

  18. WOW! four fire places and one of them in your kitchen. Lucky you. Your house is gorgeous, I want to see more. Lori

  19. Lovely to see parts of your home, it looks like it's full of history, lovely post. I love the clawfoot of your bath, beautiful. The house number frame is precious. Keep warm and have lots of fun decorating.

  20. i totally 'get' you when you showed the date on the claw foot.


  21. That stained glass door is wonderful. Your house is lovely, and I look forward to more photos of your progress.


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