Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ticks all the boxes...

...on my list for our own quest for simplifying, is this beautiful home featured in the current issue of Australian Country Style. This photo in particular ticks all the boxes for me, and I feel I could move in straight away without changing a thing.

I love this part of the kitchen, which is a new add on (not that you would tell) in this 100 year old home. The Tolix stools look so good against that old table, and the reproduction French dresser is divinely authentic looking. I have been after some of those big glass pickling bottles for a while now...gorgeous!

Another recent addition is this sunken entertaining area. The whole recent add-ons have been done on a tight budget, which I am loving...of course!
Big soft sofas, curios from the couples travels and all the things I love- twine, wood, wicker and cushions are plentiful here.

The entrance hall is amazing and the couple had to re arrange the driveway so visitors would use the front door and utilise this space....something we have just done, it's not working with Family though!!
How is this for cheap art?? I LOVE it! An old windmill blade found on the property had to be hauled back to the house, cut down and then they had to figure out how to hang it. This was the owners solution to not having money in the budget to buy a large piece of artwork for the for me luv!
When I am in Sydney next to see Mum, I am off to Ikea for one of these map canvases for our boys is wonderful and will fill up our huge wall above their beds - or maybe I can dig up a windmill?
Now you see why this home ticks all of the boxes I love. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and make sure you check back on Monday for the amazing Giveaway!!!
Ness xx


  1. ooh gorgeous - will have to get my hands on a copy!

  2. What a wonderful house...quite simply done but with magnificent results....why can't I find a windmill on my property ?!!!! XXXX

  3. I loved this house in the latest issue of Country Style too. It's so gorgeous, I don't think I'd change a thing. Good luck with the map & the windmill! Lee :)

  4. Love all these pictures! So natural. And the art work is fantastic. Would love to go and dig up a winmill too ...

  5. I could DEFINITELY live in that house! :)

    There does seem to be a trend toward people wanting to scale back, refine, edit and hone their surroundings... which I am in great need of doing myself!

    Still so enjoying your blog!!


  6. Absolutely gorgeous!!!
    I would move in right away too =)

    I also love the outdoor area with the table...soo lovely!

    Today I´ve been busy painting and decorating my antique sink, I love old furniture :)


  7. I'm with you, love the simplicity, but interesting too! love the map idea xx

  8. Beautiful images - I couldn't bring myself to buy this issue because of the ugly front cover but I obviously judged too soon! Tracey xx

  9. I love that it is comfortable and welcoming without being cluttered~

  10. OMG
    I ADORE the old wind mill blades! I want!

  11. Its so fresh & uncluttered & yet from the entryway image you can see there's grace to the home of a different style too.
    Have fun in Sydney!!!

  12. WOnderful pictures! I love how each room was made up of ecletic pieces but came together to make something so amazing!

  13. It's fabulous. We could all just move on in

  14. Beautiful pictures. Ilove the white,beige,brown colours and I use them as base colour in my interior :)
    Wood is a piece of art itself :)

  15. Love your blog!...Now out to hunt for a windmill like that!

  16. Hi Ness yes i love this article as well simple yet interesting without too much fuss......really something i could live with. Well quiet night in watching the footy a few of my daughters friends around and generally warm open fires going and general chit chat; hope you are all well Amanda x

  17. hello...I just found your blog...somehow??? :)

    I have this copy of Country Style next to me now...I did a little happy dance when it arrived {I have subscribed for about 20 years now!!} I love the bag on the doorhandle...any ideas about where that can be sourced??

    Hi again Susan xx

  18. the windmill 'thingy' is the greatest!!

  19. I love the simplicity of all of this! Wonderful post. Thanks!

  20. You have a very informative blog with beautiful photos! I'm not a professional designer, just someone that loves to decorate on a very strict budget. Thanks for the I'm off to Holland to get me one of those windmills (just kidding!)


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