Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bathroom Renovation Thoughts

From my Dream Home file - unknown
Don't get excited this is not it. If I could wave a wand it would!
Lyn Gardener
We haven't made any progress on our bathroom as yet. Still waiting on our window to arrive, and then we can get started making the bathroom smaller. It is a huge space and we will still have a big bathroom even with us stealing a little for a built-in Laundry and linen press.
With all the rain we have had, and then the sunshine today, I wanted to get out a crow bar or something and start ripping off the old ranch board we have lived with for over 6 years! At least I would feel like something is getting done.
Our bathroom space has a claw foot with shower over, sink, toilet, laundry and cupboard which houses our linen, 11 foot ceilings....and no style!
I have been thinking on and off what we will do in there. Until we see what is lurking under the ranch board and the cement sheeting that covers the beautiful Tasmanian oak floorboards (which I hope are in good condition still) we have no idea really where to start. I would how ever like to find the old wall boards that we found in other parts of the house and paint them white, like Layla has done in her hallway. This would save LOADS of money and give the space some texture and a wonderful nod to the history of our old home, "Glenlee". Some beaded board sheets would also look great, like above...don't know yet.
Home Beautiful -I think
As for what we are going to do with the sink and vanity is still in the air. I would really like a double one, but something like an old dresser up cycled with a porcelain bowl on top and a bridge tap would be lovely. Of course there will be a big mirror above it.
I really like the little toile roman blind in this bathroom with the white.

Mabley & Handler
The small subway tile would look beautiful in there.
via The Lettered Cottage
Mic really wants a shower and I tend to agree. I would like to have the bath and shower separate as I am over the curtain sticking to our legs.
Trying to work out how and where we will put it is becoming a hassle. We don't want to move too much plumbing as the budget will blow out for sure.

Brooke Giannetti
This works for me. A clear glass shower screen with the shower heads pointing towards it and no door is something I have had in my head for quite a while now. Like wet room on a smaller scale. I also love how all the walls are plastered, with California One Kote I think, and just the shower is tiled.
via The Laurel Hedge
These twin showers look great...I could have each of our boys in at the same time!
The idea of tiling up to the glass like I mentioned above is another thought. Having the shower heads pointing to the opening wouldn't work in our house. The shower heads are magnificent. If anyone knows of where to get some like these would you please email me?

unknown - sorry
Another suggestion from Mic was to get rid of our old claw foot all together!!! NO! This was one of the selling features of the house. I have always wanted one, and now that we do he wants to get rid of it! It needs help, I understand, but it has history...it will be 100 years old on the 9/4/10...it has the date it was made welded on it!
I also feel that being a four bedroom house, that if we ever had to sell it (I will have to be old and dead!!) just a shower wouldn't do in a family sized home.
Brooke Giannetti
So, what do we do with the underneath part of the bath? We plan to paint the floors like we did in our bedroom, but we need tiles and waterproofing around it. This idea from Brooke was perfect. A 'bath mat' I have named it. Made of tiles, not cotton. So it would look like a rug and function as a splash proof saviour from our kids and their aqua aerobics!

I might even whip out the sketches and some before shots if I am game enough to show you.
That is my thoughts on that!
Ness xx


  1. Love your ideas. Would love to see your sketches!

  2. Each and every one of these bathroooms would do me !!!!
    Please don't get rid of the claw foot bath. The originals are so much better than the reproductions.

  3. What beautiful bathrooms. The ideas you have are great. Vanity as a sink. Keep the claw foot tub.I Love the math mat tile for the tub. Still can not get over that. Good luck.

  4. Oh but I love a nice bathroom! Those are true beauties. Recently I realized how much comfort can go into a bathroom, I had the pleasure of enjoying this immense tub, it was heavenly and nearly three feet deep! One day I too will have a gorgeous bathroom!

  5. gee, lovely pics, it really goes to show that you can't just plonk a chandelier in a bathroom, you need to think of lay out, elegant bath, tidy showers, distinctive tiling, fluffy towels etc etc...

  6. So much thought goes into the planning process. I love the double shower and 'wet room' look - pretty and masculine at the same time.

  7. Beautiful!
    Of course, I think of everything in terms of "cleaning." I love the showers with shower curtains the best as I really hate to try and keep a bunch of glass clean. What a job!
    bunny hugs,

  8. Love Corey's (Tongue in Cheek)clawfoot...I dream of tubs. Our master has double sinks and a tiny shower stall. What were the thinking?! Trish

  9. Hi Ness,

    Keep the claw foot! I would kill for an original claw foot! xx

  10. Beautiful pieces of art those bathrooms you posted. I especially like the little details such as the tower holder in picture #4. Damn that would fit in my bathroom like a charm. But I must say, it's rather hard to design a bathroom from scratch. You really have to have loads of skill to do it. I've got some tips on bathroom staging on my website. Helpful stuff on how to make your bathroom look nice with little things that don't cost much. Lastly, let me say, the clawfoot is something nobody gets rid of these days. Very price if it's original ;) Enjoy your bathroom building :)

    Take care, Ella

  11. :0 :)
    That is what my face looked like when I read this post!
    My bathroom is so you, Ness.
    I love it because it is simple and not over designed, just like everything you create.


  12. I like all this photos very much and also enjoy, I will keep this mind while doing bathroom renovation Los Angeles. Thanks


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