Monday, September 7, 2009

Super Woman...

Well that's how I felt this weekend! Even while nursing the flu and and drowning in a monsoonal down pour, I managed to sew like a woman possessed...or a Super Woman. I have managed to catch up on all of my orders and even make new covers and re fill the store. This one above the Tweet cover is a new one and I am planing to have different colourways in this.
I do love this and my Parents are SO happy to see me finally using some of my art work to put on my covers. This is the Screamer cover and features original art work by moi! I done this while in my senior year at High School and it has been in my folder ever since. There will be some more of my art work to come...stay tuned!

The St Tropez cover will be a limited run, but I think it is so great for the warmer months here in Australia or to remind everyone way above the equator of the lovey Summer you just had.

My wonderfully connected Uncle Neil has managed to find me this black Bakelite phone for HERE. Click here to see what I am on about!
I don't know how this Man does it, but he is the ultimate Antiques, bargain shopper. If I had my shop up on the Mainland, I would employ him as one of my buyers...along with my Mum!!
OH, AND....
...look what I found yesterday! Remember I have been after a piece of art work for here, well I seen this last night and Mic said "Just buy it" normally you would go (supposed to be me) "OK, buying it now", but I looked at the size and it is really long. The dilemma being - where shall I hang it if I get it...but it says 'Ness' in it, how can I let it go? It is too tall to go where I had planned....WHY!!? Why is it when it all seemed to be coming together so perfectly this weekend, that this major find has to throw a spanner in the works? Maybe it's not meant to be.
Any way, I would love to hear what you think of the new covers and I will shut up now!
Ness xx


  1. Wow you were sewing like a mad woman - I mean a woman possessed.
    Love the new covers and how wonderful to use your own artwork. I do love the bird one.

  2. Thanks Alison. I did get carried away. I think it worked out to be 12 covers!!
    Ness xx

  3. Yes I love the bird one too. Why not turn the long BW Ness piece into a blind?

  4. Ness, your artwork on the cushion looks incredible! Your Mum is right - you need to use your beautiful artwork and not hide it away in an art folder/portfolio. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Lee :)

    P.S. I'm with Mic - buy the scroll & think about where you'll put it later. You will find the perfect spot.

  5. Those covers are great! And I love your new artwork with Ness. We have a vintage black phone and I dislike it because the ring is the only thing Baby Hughes is scared of!!! But, I remember wanting it so badly!

  6. Hi Ness, just buy the scroll'll find a space that will say "I've always meant to be here". What about down the side of a long cupboard in the kitchen or on the pantry door; or down the side of a wardrobe??? think outside the walls...Now that phone... is just perfect for "here"! Keep up the good work on the covers. I do love the St Tropez..the screamer is great artistically, even a little unsettling, but a very dramatic eyecatcher! see you soon Linda

  7. Your artwork is fabulous!Good for you that you were able to do all that sewing even when sick!

  8. Hi,

    I love looking at this page (thank you for taking the trouble to produce it), but even more amazing to see the Heswall/Ness/Barnston poster on this page because this is where we live!

    Jane and Helen


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