Thursday, November 5, 2009

Today I am loving...

Today I am loving, white, fresh greenery, chippy paint and worn wood...oh, hang on I always love those!! I do love this photo though and it is really inspiring me. It is also helping me plan what to do for Christmas as well as really getting me motivated for my little store to somehow open. I have also been thinking of gifts for the festive season...
I am sorry, but I cant find the shop that goes with this image. I will have to have another look and fix the link, because I just love this image and thought what a wonderful gift for my little nephew that will be born around Christmas is SO cute, and I love chairs!

My Mum has been after a print like this for some time and I found this one which I think she would love to go in her white ornate frame she has been storing for such a picture.

And finally, something for me - this print of a Peacock (you know I love these!) in aqua on an old page from the 1800's. It will go with the other print I bought from the wonderful artist.
Anyway, that's what I love today.
Ness xx


  1. I love those chairs too... they come from Sarah Jane Studios.

  2. Love that first inviting.

  3. I Love these photos! the chairs are awesome also!! :) chris

  4. Hi Ness so funny looking at your post i noticed a print that i have only just ordered last Friday fully framed and mounted. If only i knew you were after it for your mum. By the way that fabric your mum was asking about i only have a little left not probably enough for what she wants....sorry tell her. Love your bird tags on Etsy. Manda x

  5. I like that first image...great combination - older garden table-chair set and white noble seating.
    Not to be soo white-boring, those green small trees make the whole impression perfect.
    Inspiring idea!


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