Thursday, March 4, 2010

Little Changes To Our Home...

Thought I would show you some small changes I have made around our house spurred on by Tina's fireplace mantel change...I will get to mine in a second. First I wanted to show you this sweet little bird I purchased a while back from The Vintage Rose. I can't bear the thought of caging a bird, so this little one is a nice addition...and he doesn't eat much! I like the key on the cage too which I picked up on a trip to Berry NSW, when we lived on the mainland. Isn't he cute?
My favourite books have been propped up by my lovely find from a trip visiting my Mum and Dad. Now I can see them all in one never lasts though. I love using them as props about the house in little vignettes.
Our bedroom had some minor changes as well. I had some little European Box plants that needed potting up and had remembered this little pressed tin planter I had. It is now on my drawers beside my bed. At first I wasn't sure about it being here, but I am starting to like it.
These European covers I have always loved. I bought them a long time ago and always wanted the quilt cover to go with it, but could never afford it at the time. When I could, the shop had closed...ah well, at least I have the covers.

I love them with our white linens and the little hint of blue is a nice break between the pale palette.

I have noticed that our Hydrangea 'hedge' out the front has started to look like it is ready for Autumn, so I thought I would cut most of the blooms that were left, and fill our home with the remnants of Summer. Some went in our bathroom in my little grey jug....
...and some in my big grey jug under our chalkboard in the kitchen/dining. You can really see that Autumn has started by the colours in Hydrangeas. I will be sad to see them go again.

Now here is my mantel change, inspired by Tina. I love candles up here in the cooler weather and even though we haven't really hit the cold phase yet, I am enjoying getting things prepared for its arrival.
I bought these burlap bags from Vintage Junky on Etsy and have been meaning to something with them for a while. Well, I put this one onto an old canvas to prop up here on the mantel. I like that it picks up the stone in our fireplace. I also added this little European Box to a white ceramic pot I had which has been sitting on the kitchen window sill...and of course my three tall wooden, whitewashed candlesticks have made an appearance.

The clock had to stay as it is fixed there and I am sure this display will change again soon, but I am happy with it for now. This is the view I have of the mantle while I am chopping up veggies at our center island.
I have loads of projects on the go to show you, some big, some small and I am hoping to get them done very soon so I can show you, but as always I have loads of shop sewing to do, orders to get out, etc, etc.
I hope you like the little changes I have made...for now!
Ness xx


  1. Thats it - i am going to have a mantle makeover this weekend too! Your house is looking beautiful Ness and i hope you are feeling better :)
    Mel xxx

  2. As always, I love everything about your house. :) I especially am loving the birdie in the first pic and the pineapple finial in the second. Love those!

  3. I love the simplicity of the mantle. It looks really nice! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Oh no! Now, you are making me want to redo my mantel and find an old birdcage!!
    I found a birdcage at GW yesterday but it isn't as sweet as yours.

    Love your bedding too. Everything is so lovely.


  5. Everything in your home looks gorgeous as usual Ness. Since you're up and about taking photos I hope this means you're feeling much better!

  6. Love the Hydrangea blooms! Gorgeous.. I had Hydrangeas at my wedding reception..


  7. Oh my the Hydrangeas are gorgeous...I think i will have to go find me some of those too! Absolutely lovely!

  8. I love your little box plants and love what you did with that little bag... I had never thought of that!

    Smiles~ Michelle

  9. Oh Ness, so beautiful all your little changes! I love your bed with the beautiful pillows, your new little bird and the decoration of your mantelpiece! You are very inspirational to others! And for your clients I guess!

  10. Hi Ness, How lovely to find you. I think the same way about the bird...I'm glad you find a perfect one for your beautiful birdcage!
    I'm enjoying so much you blog and I'm now a happy follower. I'm moving to NZ soon and it will be wonderful to be by the sea...
    XoXo, Li

  11. Ness, all the little changes you have done are just beautiful - as always!! I love your little pressed tin planter next to your bed:) You mantle looks fabulous ~ I love it!!! You birdcage and sweet little bird look fantastic and those hydrangeas are gorgeous!! You really have such a beautiful home Ness. Enjoy ~ Tina xx

  12. I love Hydrangeas! And this beautiful birdcase! You have a wonderful home! Winter has been long here in Germany, and we are desperately waiting for spring while you folks from down under are speaking about autumn! It is always funny ...
    Regards from the cold north

  13. i think these touches are bordering on sophisticate, dare i say ?

    it still looks like you!!!

  14. Hi Ness,

    A change is as good as a holiday! Something must have been in the air yesterday....I decided that I needed something on the mantlepiece as my glass jug had stood empty for a couple of weeks or I decided to do some branches off a shrub, then I decided to look at something a little different for the sideboard in the kitchen and went and cut some green off a conifer and put it in a small glass square vase, that I bought the other day. Small changes, but I think it gives you a lift and now the kitchen with a little greenery still feels like summer! I'm sorry to see the hydrangeas season coming to an end means winter is not far away, and all I can think of is wet clothes everywhere. YUCK!!! I have the same pressed tin square container, I bought it years ago from a local florist shop that used to have nice gifts and things....anyway better go.
    Take care.
    N.W. Coast

  15. It looks so lovely. I have to admit to loving mantles and I haven't changed mine around as much as I'd like to. You may have inspired me... :)

  16. Nice little touches to make your home even more divine xx

  17. I'm moving to NZ soon and it will be wonderful to be by the sea...
    work at home in india

  18. Wonderful arrangements!

  19. Hello Ness,
    I love all of it! I love that little bird cage. I really love bird cages!!! I have a little bird similar, I use mine as book end. Those covers are really sweet. I think my favorite is your pillow. Your mantle is so sweet. I love that clock!!! Your house is so cute! I love how you have it painted! I need to do that sometime.
    Take Care,
    P.S. I can't tell you how excited I am about those pillow covers. They are so sweet! I love your tag that you have sewn into the pillow. I wish I hadn't been so excited & had saved the wrapping. I ripped into it so fast!! You had it wrapped so sweet!!! Thank you for the nice surprise. I just love those tags! You are very talented! Hope all is well with you!

  20. je viens de faire connaissance avec ton blog que je trouve merveilleux "very beautiful - and I like it" my english is not fluently and I prefer to answer in french - come visit my blog
    "MIgnonne,allons voir" dis-moi ce que tu en penses - ça me fera très plaisir ...
    douce journée

  21. Ness it looks beautiful. Love the key on the cage
    Hope you are feeling better

  22. Ness, you have such a lovely home...! And I love the little changes you've made... Yes, that Tina is pretty inspiring and a wonderful, wonderful human being, isn't she? I'm so glad to have crossed paths with her. And I'm pretty sure that's how I found you, too. :)

    Have a great weekend!


  23. love the details all over the place... have a nice weekend!


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