Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Pure Style Home Guest Blog...

A while ago I was asked by the gorgeous Lauren Liess from the amazing blog 'Pure Style Home' to be one of her guest bloggers for a series she was doing. Of course I said yes as I love Lauren's blog and to be included in the amazing list of Designers and the like that have been part of this guest blogging series is amazing.
Now, for those of you who haven't been to Lauren's need to go! Not only she an amazing Designer, but a very thrifty one at that. I wanted to show you my favourite pieces from Lauren's home which has been done on a tight budget.
Her main bedroom, above is just beautiful. It never began that way. the bedhead was a road side find and she has used lots of off the shelf products brought together to create this very restful space.
A better shot of the road side bed head. The pillow was covered in fabric found on sale and has a body pillow inside.

This shot of Lauren's dining room I absolutely love. The 'tapestry' is actually an etching she had put onto fabric with an adhesive backing and hunted for the best deal to have it done within budget. I think it is amazing and it has been making me think of putting some of my art work, which is based on some of Michelangelo's work, somewhere in our home...and that chandelier is just phenomenal!
Lauren's kitchen is beautiful and there is so much more to this space and to see what it started at and where it is now is just amazing. I love that she painted her old fridge in blackboard paint as the budget didn't allow a new one...wait til you see how she incorporated the old dishwasher!!
This would have to be my favourite though.
This little breakfast nook off the kitchen is so sweet. The wallpaper is just beautiful and Lauren has found so many pieces which just make this space so beautiful. Little plates just outside the room pick up the detailing in the wallpaper and there is so much more I want to say, but you will have to have a look...and make sure to check out my post too while you are there and let me know what you think.
You can see it HERE.
Ness xx
all images courtesy of Pure Style Home


  1. I can't wait to check it out. Those photos are amazing. I'm headed over there now.

  2. Yep,
    Read the guest posting that you did on Lauren's blog. I enjoyed your post Ness, as some of the before pictures from your home I hadn't seen before. Love Lauren's blog too. Hope you are enjoying your week.
    Take care

  3. I think Lauren's house is amazing - so stylishly and creatively decorated. Am off to check out your guest post... x

  4. ON MY WAY!!;)

    Have a nice afternoon


  5. Hi Ness, I read your post on Lauren's blog and I loved it. I am fairly new to your blog, so I haven't seen many of your house pics, so it was nice to catch up.
    Your house has a lot of charm and personality.

    I also love Laurens blog. She is really authentic and interesting and has such a wide variety of subjects, and of course her own great style.

    Congratulations on being asked to guest post on Lauren's blog, it is an honour.

  6. I too adore Lauren's blog and her home...I'm off to read the full post now.
    Have a great day Ness!

  7. That bed makes me want to curl up in it and read a good book :) On my way to her blog! Have a wonderful day!

  8. White, black and army-green... truly nice colours for a kitchen, I like it!

  9. We love the simple kitchen. It looks like a great space to work in: very functional but with a sophisticated farmhouse aesthetic.

  10. I love the blackboard paint idea!!

  11. I enjoyed seeing your over at Lauren's blog!

  12. Hi Ness, the Lauren's house is more beautiful and shows a great personality!!!
    Have a nice evening, Annamaria!!!

  13. Fantastic! And checking out your friends blog now...

  14. Very Pretty, love the black and white, looking forward to having a look at her blog and your "guest spot" xx

  15. What a lovely home. I have had many a meal at a kitchen table just like the one in the last picture. My oldest friend's parents had the complete set when we were little. That bed was a beautiful find too. I love the giant pillow!

    : )

    Julie M.

  16. Lauren has a beautiful home - I love the blackboard paint idea. I am currently studying interior design and enjoy seeing 'real' homes that have been lovingly restored. It just shows you don't have to spend a lot to create beautiful interiors. I really enjoyed reading your post on Lauren's blog - you too have a great sense of style. How wonderful to discover those beautiful floorboards in such great condition. Michelle

  17. How cool Ness! I love PSH - heading there now for a read. julesxx

  18. Ness thank you so much for sharing your home with us- If I ever get to Australia I'm coming a knocking!! ;) ;)

    It's so comfortable & beautiful and it just really feels like a home.

    Thanks also for this very sweet post- I'm blushing and you really are just so kind.


  19. Oh, gorgeous! I love seeing the homes of bloggers! I really like it much more than magazine layouts, so much more inspiring!

    Have a fabulous day, and if you get a chance, stop by and check out my Catherine Deneuve giveaway! XO!

  20. so fabulous, I love it! very classic, and timeless! a similar style to my own designs.

  21. I'm never lucky enough to find such a treasure at the side of the road! I love the little kitchen area. Looks so darned cozy!

  22. Goes to show a small budget can be just as good as a high one especially if you have style like Lauren has lovley home!


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