Tuesday, April 27, 2010

SO Interesting....

The amazing Atlanta Bartlett has just released her new 'Look Book' for her store Pale & Interesting. It just evokes Spring and even though we here in Australia are into our Autumn, I can still pick out some images that could have been made with our climate in mind too.
Lets have a peek...
This group is giving me loads of inspiration for the Miners Cottage makeover. As my client is a Man, I am loving the industrial feel of that light as well as the leather sofa...and the cupboard is just amazing. I have some hooks on an old palette board like the one shown to go in the kitchen of the cottage.

The pressed tin had me immediately and I love the rust showing through. I don't think there is anything in Atlanta's Look Book that I didn't like.
Judge for yourself HERE.
Ness xx


  1. Gorgeous pictures. I love that industrial light as well and the bench with the pillows. I love the arrangement!

  2. Hi dear Ness! I love Atlanta Bartlett, now I run off to see the spring news, thank you for sharing!

    Have a nice day!!

  3. Oh Ness it is all just 'scrumptious'.

  4. Pale & Interesting is sooo lovely isn't it! Gorgeous images Ness xxx

  5. Oh Ness, the chairs from the second collage are wonderful! With your images you inspire me. So I think about to start a new project....

    Thank you so much!!!

    Greetings and beso


  6. Thanks for sharing this, Ness! I love Atlanta Bartlett...and her new look book is SO beautiful!

  7. Oh how gorgeous! I love all of the images especially the first one. I will definately be checking out the new book! xx

  8. Hi Ness- Gorgeous images! I might just have to pick the book up :) Happy Tuesday!

  9. I love Pale & Interesting too! Those images you picked out are lovely, and as we have just started getting the 'real' Autumn here, I need the inspirational spring images to get me through our colder months!!

  10. Ness, lovely images, and lots of inspiration. How is your "man cottage" project coming along?

  11. Her books are always my favorites,did not know she had a new one out though,will have to get it! Thanks for the heads up,isn;t she awesome?!

  12. I ♥ everything Atlanta Bartlett~everyting is so dreamy, ah...

  13. I love the bottles with the labels in the first photo!! I'm already trying to think of how I could make some.

  14. I have just visited the website, the photos are tres belle.

    Merci beaucoup for sharing this beautiful find,

    Leeann x

  15. Oh, I love it all! Thank you for
    sharing with us! I cannot wait to
    see what you do with your Miners

    Flora Doora

  16. Such lovely photos and decor.
    These are all great ideas for the miner's cottage.


  17. Another good book to add to my list. Looks lovely and inviting. Don't work too hard Ness, though I am sure you are enjoying the Miners Cottage (love the name). XO

  18. Ness~~
    These images are beautiful and I just LOVE that gold chair!

    Lots of love,

  19. Miss Ness, this post has brightened my week!! I am boggesd down in study but I HAVE to go and check it out now!! I am with you on the gorgeous pressed tin:) I love those apothecary bottles too and can see the gorgeous Lisa above has had the same idea as me....mmm how to make some? Thanks for such a wonderful post Ness, it will motivate me to get this assignment done quick smart so I can spend some time gazing at Atlanta's Look Book!! Hope the boys are feeling better and that you are having a great day my lovely ~ Tina xx

  20. Anything Ms Bartlett turns her hand to is just right in my book. Lovely post and lovely images. K xx

  21. Hello there. Just found your blog,and I love it! You know why! Great posts (although I read it just a few so far),even better pictures.. I love the cottage - coastal living.I live in the small city by the Adriatic sea,in one of ten most beautiful bays on the world.. I'm decorator too.. My rule is ther's no rules,and the place's got to have it's owners personality.
    Your home is so sweet,and inviting.I would say it reflects you,although I don't know you.
    But I'm your new big fan.
    Greetings from little Montenegro - Europe

  22. I wish I could live in those pictures they are so beautiful!! No Joke.

  23. Very interesting... and Beautiful!

  24. Mmmm....lovely!

    Have a sweet weekend, Ness!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps I found a wonderful old floral pressed tin dust pan today whilst out treasure hunting with one of my friends!

  25. Hi Ness!
    All of pictures look so FRESH! Just love it! I will have to check out when the book comes here.......Maryanne ;)

  26. Love her style, I'm getting to where I can spot her now!


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