Monday, July 5, 2010

At Home With Country - C&R's Book Review and a winner!!!

I am so honoured to have been asked by Christina Strutt and her wonderful crew to review her 5th book, At Home With Country. I did feel very nervous doing this, a a little like I was handing in a paper at school (except everyone gets to read it not just the Teacher!). So, when the beautiful book arrive the other day and I managed to pry it from my Mum's hands, I sat with pen and paper and started to write. Then it struck me, what was I doing, this book is amazing!!
Christina was a Stylist at Vogue before starting her very successful fabric company Cabbages & Roses!!! This book doesn't need a review, it speaks for itself.
So, I just immersed myself in it, coffee and cake in hand and soaked up every beautiful country image...this is where I stopped...and thought.
I love country, and so many people say they are 'over it' and it has been done to death...yeah, the mass produced country style with ducks in hats and mice and wheat in the kitchen etc...not this country style - THIS will never die or be done to death. The real country home is full of comfortable, beautiful, practical pieces. Lived in, loved in crumpled, washable fabrics - you know the stuff....and Christina has shown this perfectly. Not only is this book a journey through gorgeous homes, but different styles of homes all with a 'real country' feel. It is a look that can fit anywhere, from an 11th century home to a loft in Manhattan, a house boat to a English cottage...and when done well, will never date.
This brand is stunning regardless!

The whole way through you are taken on a visual journey with the C&R's range of stunning fabrics and shown how versatile florals, stripes and checks can be.
I loved that there are references with each home as to the name of the fabric, and a sample section at the back to see the ranges together and how they all work together.

The homes Christina has selected are beautiful and this one called "Bridgehampton Cottage" shows the C&R's fabric so well. The white walls give the fabric center stage and it goes so well with the antiques and quirky vignettes.
This is what being at home with country should be about. Casual, yet thoughtful arrangements that will be moved frequently, nothing that is overly precious and all having a function.
I was extremely happy to see that my favourite designer Tricia Foley's Manhattan Loft and her equally stunning Long Island home made an appearance. I also loved the Langton range of fabrics she has used in both homes.

As my scanner was playing up I couldn't get an image of the Paris Rose fabric Tricia used on this sofa in her loft, but you will just have to buy the book and see for yourself as well as Christina's stunning and so homely "Brook Cottage", where the Cabbages & Roses label was started. Her amazing tent is something to be bookmarked for future reference and the first time I had ever seen her tent was also the first time I had seen the C&R's fabric.
If you are looking for an inspiring book, something to look at over and over again, then At Home With Country will not disappoint - I promise you! =0)
Thank you so much for letting me review your book Christina, I LOVE it!
{all photos by Edina Van Der Wyck for Cico Books}

let's get straight to it!
According to, the winner of the fabulous shopper tote and amazing scented candle, both by Cabbages & Roses is.....
Congratulations Emily. If you could send me an email with your details please, I will get your goodies out to you =0)
...and thank you to all who entered.
Ness xx


  1. Congratulations to Emily - she is one lucky lady to have won what sounds like a sensational book

  2. What a wonderful review! You have definately made me want to take a look:)

  3. Congrats to Emily! I am quite envious. :)

  4. The book sounds positively gorgeous, as are those images! The colours are beautiful, I love the C&R fabrics too!
    Congrats to Emily... I think we are all a little green..
    Flick :)

  5. Gorgeous photos - love this style. Love the lounge room area and the coffee table piled high with books. Thanks for sharing! I need that book :)

  6. Bathroom VanitiesJuly 6, 2010 at 1:21 PM

    the brown leather sofa look like a chocolate bar! yummy!

  7. Congrats to the winner!
    And great review, Ness! I really want to bring the whole C&R style into our new Victorian home. Wow, I can't believe I just typed that, squeeee!!!


  8. Congratulations to the winner!
    I am so envious!!! Ih ih!!

  9. Hi Ness,

    I have already purchased this book, its a beautiful book and highly recommend it. I have never tired of "country" the warmth that it brings into your home. I have always had visitors commenting on the welcome feel that they feel when visiting me. I started decorarting this way back in 1984 and there has been many phases of "country". I still treasure items I have kept for many years that still compliment the style of country I am now decorating with. I was once a stylist for a national country magazine in which I could experience the warm and beautiful people who belonged to many beautiful homes. If you mention "country" to some they automatically think Chooks,cows etc but that isnt what its always about. "Country" has many styles.
    Have a lovely day.

  10. It's Me! The very Happy Lucky Emily from thewickerhouse. I'm so excited I won. Sorry to make the rest of you all envious. Thank you Ness for this great review as well as giveaway. And thank you Cabbages @ Roses.

  11. How exciting getting asked to review a book! You lucky thing. I agree wholeheartedly that country never dates, how could it?
    Happy day xx

  12. Congratulations to Emily, what a lucky girl! Fabulous review also Ness, I love C & R!!! Hope you are having a great week :) Hugs ~ Tina xx

  13. Looks fantastic. I just bought it on Amazon.
    Can't wait ! I love finding new inspiration.


  14. Hi Ness,
    Thank you for the review. I am on my way to purchase this gorgeous book. I am new to Cabbages & Roses, it will be a great fit in my romantic old house in Wine Country... can't wait to embrace Christina's style into what we've intertwined style wise in our lives here at home. I'm a new follower to your blog, good to meet you.


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