Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bunkin' Down...

Hi Everyone!
You may know already that we have to little boys who are fast growing up. One is 6 and the other is just about to turn 4. In their wisdom they have decided a little while ago that they wanted to share a room sweet.
They both had plenty of room in their own bedrooms, but wanted to be together and they chose Declan's room with the french door, afternoon sunlight and right next to our room.
I was happy with their choice.
This room is very big, so there is loads of room for all of the 'stuff' that they have, but it got me thinking of built in bunks like these above. Love them. So many amazing things can be done with them...let's look.
Now, these aren't the traditional bunks we all think of but it is a great use of space isn't it?
I could imagine them in a family holiday home where you could have a few siblings and their families all in the cottage together....and the storage under would be great.
The idea of the boys room being all white with punches of blue and red, although done to the death really appeals to me...and to them!
That colour combo can be done so many ways!

This room is divine and I often think of a friend of mine who has 4 boys and 1 girl and a 3 bedroom home. This built in bunk system would work so well in her situation and there would still be plenty of room to play and do homework etc.
Having 2 little girls would have me looking for something like this. I would never come out if I had of had bunks like these as a child. My Sister and I did have bunks and we used to put up sheets and bring Mum's potted plants inside and turn them into 'units'. We would dress them just like a home with pillow sofas, curtains - the lot! I remember that so fondly...and the fact my elder Sister always had the 'unit' with the natural sunlight!!
This is my favourite!
Everything in this room is amazing and although the bunks aren't built in, they still look so great against that stripe wall. Talking Mic around to something like this would be another story though.
Both of our boys really liked this room when I showed them =0)

Ok, when I found this a million smiles rushed through me. I could have something like this in my office-now-come-guestroom. I think the drum shade and comfy sofa sold the whole scheme to me...either way it is wonderful, and I am sure Mum and Dad would be happy being in here when they come and stay.

Now as much as I love white and neutrals, I do believe that children should have colour in their lives and this room is a perfect example. A white base and tonal coloured 'cabins'.
What a great solution for everyone.
I don't have any plans just yet to have some built in bunks installed, but the boys room does need a face lift. It is still the same colour from when I prepared it for Declan's arrival...about 6 and a half years ago!!
Which one do you love??
Ness xx
all images sourced through Google search.

update - I am feeling much better now and I do thank you all for your very sweet emails and messages regarding my illness...thank you all so much xx


  1. I Love the first bunks! But they are all so many options! What a fun project it will be!
    Not sure what your illness was, but hope your okay!


  2. Much as I love the space saving idea of bunks my two boys are way too boisterous and would think nothing of jumping from the top bunk for the fun of it!!
    (And they share a small room that would benefit from bunks)
    Great collection of images, thanks for sharing :)
    Good luck with yours.

  3. My four brothers grew up in a room with 4 bunks and boy was it an active room! I think I was jealous of their bunks because I always find them so cosy for some reason. I live all of these many wonderful choices. Happy to hear you are better Ness. Much love XO

  4. The red stripe room is my favorite room too. My sons share a room and we just received a new bunk bed for them to share. My son's room is already dark blue and the red and white stripe would be a perfect match, he was born on July 4th. Good luck with your choice.

  5. Goodness I love them all, to shortlist I'd pick the thick red stripe, and then all the rest 2nd!!!

  6. I love the nautical look in the first picture, although I also love the room with the red stripes.

    Bunkbeds are the best! For kids, of course.


  7. These bunk beds are lovely!! I'm doing my first son room, and we are thinking of a coastal/marina style... you give me beautiful inspirations!

  8. My Boys will be sharing bunks soon too. Thanks for all the great inspiration. I'm with you, I liked the one with the red & white wall.

  9. I love all of these. Your kids would have such sweet dreams sleeping in any of these rooms.

    My sister and I used to do the same with our bunk beds - we turned them into gypsy caravans sat up front and rode the cart horse for miles and miles every night while my mum thought we were sleeping!

    Bunk beds inspire so much imagination in little kids.

  10. The classic red, white and blue room is perfect but I think my absolute favorite is the last pic with the color coded compartments.

  11. all rooms are very good - I can't say what's the best ;)



  12. wow, what a selection! I am liking the cool blues.

  13. Hi Ness,
    Glad you feel better! I love the first white one. Perfect also for my girls. Have a good day!

  14. Awww bunks, it reminds me of camp! :-)

    I love the second photo down, it actually looks like something you might find on a luxury train.

    Can't wait to see what they end up with!

  15. I love the first photo but would definitely use the red white and blue colour scheme, cos this pic. needs that splash of red.

  16. I love all of them. I love the idea of built-in bunkbeds. It's so great that your boys want to share a room. By the way, I love the name "Declan".

  17. Hi Ness, how cute, i think it is atogether.....all of the photos are great i especially like the first one i guess it does depend on the shape of your room to which one suits best. Take care Amanda x

  18. I am saving some of these images. The first is my favorite, but they are all wonderful. I love the idea of my boys sharing a room together one day. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  19. I like where you're going with this Ness. I've just done my daughter's room nautical and at times was thinking the nautical theme has been done to death but I still get a thrill when I walk past her room and see that colour combo. I found a creative use for a shutter. Check out my blog if you're interested :o)

  20. They are a perfect age for bunks. When we were looking for bunks the sales guy looked at us like, no! They were 2and 4 with another one on the way. So we went with twins. Bunks give you so much space and it's so neat they want to be together!
    Lots of love

  21. Holy cats! Wish our bunks could have been half this cool when we were kids!

    m ^..^

  22. All of these bunks are fabulous, my favourite is the first pic. Our Livvy is desperate for bunk beds....still deciding ;) Hope you and your boys have a good weekend Ness ~ Txx

  23. All of these are just so cute! The last one makes me smile the most though. Can't wait to see what you do!

  24. this is an incredible collection of bunks. i especially love the rolling ladder and the shared ladder set-ups. how fun!

  25. Love your blog, love your home, fabulous! WOW


  26. Hi ness,
    some really great ideas there! I have two boys too and would love them to have bunks, but our age gap is too big and the oldest wouldnt dream of sharing a room! Its so nice that your boys are still of that age! have a gorgeous weekend!
    Laura currie xx

  27. growing up I had these friends, there 4 girls and 1 boy in a 3 bedroom house. Thats what their mother did and I was always so jeaolous cause it look so cool and fun. I'm sure your boys will love it.

    I do pray that you feel better soon.

  28. I adore bunk beds! we had some at our family cottage but being the youngest, I never got to go up on the top bunk (I guess my parents thought I'd fall on my head). I'd still like one... :)

  29. How gorgeous Ness! I too love the navy, red and white. Also love beige, red and white at the moment! Stripes are a must. Letitia xx

  30. Glad to hear that you are feeling better! A lot of fun rooms.....I like the one with the orange accents. That is so sweet that your little boys want to room together. Have a great weekend!

  31. Ness this was inspiring, bunk beds are usually so generic and ignored.How refreshing with the resurgence of the twin bed venue you thought of this!Maryanne xo

  32. Hello Ness,
    I hope you are doing better!
    We have all been sick here too.
    I can't wait to see what you have done to the miners cottage!
    I hope you are having a great weekend!
    p.s. My favorite is the top photo!

  33. Hi Ness, all of your images are gorgeous I must admit but bunk beds are a bit of a nightmare! I have had one for my son and have finally gotten rid of it. They are a right pain to make and keep neat. Anyway, that is my thoughts. I think it is so cute that they are sharing a room, I love that idea - my boys are too spaced apart in age. Good luck! ;-)

  34. Oooooh! I am totally inspired for bunk beds in my son's room. He doesn't NEED bunk beds, but they would sure be fun for sleep-overs and seem so "campish". You know? Thanks for the wonderful images, girl. And for the great blog--- I just found you a week ago or so and you're one of my new favorites! Have a great day!


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