Thursday, September 2, 2010

French Air..

Skona Hem
Another glorious Spring day here and with this delightful weather comes Spring cleaning and airing out the house after the cooped up season that is Winter.
Now, I have already done the cleaning, so my attention has turned to French doors.
I love them and find that the cross breeze that can be gained from these beauties is unlike anything offered by a window.
It's like opening your houses eyes after a long hibernation.
Our own French doors were the best thing we have done to the house. Not only do they look great, but the capture the ocean and river breezes which fill our living areas and bedroom's with crisp, flower scented air.
This photo I took last Summer and you will notice that the rugs is up. This is the next thing on my list of Spring to-do's. The evenings are still a little too crisp to pull it up right now, but over the next few weeks it will happen and then I will feel like Spring is really here.
Ness xx


  1. It's great isn't it, I have been opening up windows and doors too. So nice! ;-)

  2. Living in Ohio (US) our summer is almost over and it's finally cooling off enough to open the windows again - enjoying every minute cuz I know it's going to be freezing soon!
    Love the smell and freshness!!!
    We are in an apartment right now, but I am sooo looking forward to have a house so we can have some French doors!

  3. Ooh, yes, Ness! I'm eagerly anticipating that first balmy evening when we throw open our French doors and dine outside. Bliss! J x

  4. Hi Ness, your home looks gorgeous, and the doors are perfect! It's funny - we're obviously having a cross over period right now, because in England we're just coming to the end of our Summer, and it's early Autumn. Fresh, breezy and bright with crisp evenings. I envy that you're just opening your windows and doors, as we're beginning to close ours! xx

  5. Spring is such a wonderful time of year. It is full of expectation and renewal! Enjoy every minute of it...

  6. I love the french doors! We had some in our old home, but not here! Maybe we could add some one day! Enjoy your spring breezes...

    Still hot, and humid here!!! Yeck!


  7. Gorgeous picutres Ness! I'm glad your Spring is starting. We are winding down summer and will be heading into fall soon. (so strange)
    I love french doors, they are my favorite! I can't wait to someday change out our slider with some pretty french doors. Enjoy your day!

  8. Your house is so beautiful! I love your French doors to the outside. I have French doors that lead to my sunroom, I would dearly love to have them leading to the outside, though. As you are preparing for Spring, our Summer is winding down and we are beginning to prepare for Fall and even Winter. I need to go back in your blog, when I have time and see what you do to prepare for the colder months. Love your blog and all of your lovely whites, they are GORGEOUS!
    Hugs, Cindy S

  9. French doors open to the summer breeze... is there anything better?

    Have a lovely weekend Ness.


  10. Ahhh, what glorious French doors!
    I'd love to have some, yours are just magnificent.

    Happy Spring! :-)

  11. Hello, I've been a lurker for since you started your blog! I've just started my blog!! I have added you to my sidebar as one of my FAV Blogs...Please come follow me. I love your style and your blog. kathee

  12. ~*~Im so thrilled I just found your beautiful blog!!!Im a new follower on your blog and facebook~*~Blessings,Rachel :)

  13. ~*~Im so thrilled I just found your beautiful blog!!!Im a new follower on your blog and facebook~*~Blessings,Rachel :)

  14. Oh, spring sounds wonderful and I bet it is beautiful weather where you are in spring. Does it rain lots? I love French doors too and plan to have a house overlooking the water some day (dream) and a whole wall of windows and/or french doors. I can feel the breeze!

    Happy Spring! Turning Autumn here and the days are lovely and the cool is coming and leaves are turning (we are in Canada which is cooler so the leaves start falling here before anywhere in the US or very southern Canada!).

    xo Terri

  15. we have french doors in our bedroom and seeing those photos it has inspired me to get painting them a lovely shade of white!

  16. Ness I wish that Spring would just come and stay. It has been so cold and wet here


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