Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Method...

After my whirlwind visit to Sydney, I have come back to a more settled approach to my Store and the realisation that I want it to go back to the roots I intended it to be from the beginning.
Always thinking I had to create new, amazing pieces I had got to the point where I was doubting my abilities and did for a while think of stepping away from the whole shop/blogging scene for good.
After a slap in the face from myself and a rummage through my original sketch books I began sewing the other day like I used to...by holding fabric in my hand and going from there. I always find for me this is the best way. Each piece I have made this way has been a best seller. So, at least I know it works.
The cover above is a new one made from this method and I love this. A mixture of beautiful linen, screen printed and paired with white madder stripe in grey, also screen printed.
My love of jewelry has stayed and these wood Ampersands (my all time fave typography) have become brooches and have been getting great responses from people who have purchased saying they get loads of compliments - which is lovely.

I did make this little terracotta bunny brooch too. With his textured tail and heart 'birthmark' he is sooo cute.

This new ring is made of clay and wood and has been hand drawn on in black with a Peony flower.
I have been wearing my own one alot lately.Finally, another new cushion made from the above mentioned technique.
This one sold immediately and I have since added another.
It actually fits a standard pillow insert if it is soft, or a lumbar insert.
The blue ticking on this is heavenly.
If you wish to see more click HERE
So what do you think about my method and the results?
What have you made lately?
Ness xx


  1. Oh ness, I love that new pillow, it's gorgeous. The ring, beautiful! I'm so glad you didn't throw in the towel, I would have missed you so much. Your creations are always so stunning!!!

  2. Absolutely LOVE both the method and the product of said method! Beautiful.

  3. It is always best to remain true to yourself and let that creativity flow easily. When you begin to doubt, or fear, or weary just step back from everything...take a retreat and find your way back to the heart what you do.

    I am so encouraged by this post because I've been working towards opening an etsy for my artwork but have gotten a bit weary and almost thrown in the towel before even beginning.

    Your pillows are beautiful. Gentle, soft, and cozy...just perfect for any cottage.

  4. Funny how a good slap in the face puts it all in perspective!!
    Sometimes we need to take a step back and look at life from another angle.

  5. love them all,just beautiful!

  6. Hi Ness,

    Sometimes stepping away just has to be done to re-evaluate things.

    To be honest, I had wondered and just had the feeling that things were going on with you.

    For what it's worth, I think you are wise to do what you are doing and going back to the grass roots. Everything looks so wonderful in your shop Ness, everything from the jewelry, cushions and tags.

    Life itself is such a juggling act that it can be so easy to get out of kilter when focusing on a particular thing.

    I'm really glad you've decided to keep going as I always enjoy calling in, more than you know. Blogland wouldn't be the same without you.

    Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

    p.s. I think your method works really well.

  7. Ness, your creations always leave me breathless! The originality and your personality really shine through, my friend!


  8. Hi Ness,

    I love your work. Always beautiful and inspirational...and I'm glad you are still here. It wouldn't be the same without you. Emma. xx

  9. Ness, I love all of your designs...I am so glad you didn't walk away as blogland wouldn't be the same without you. Getting back to what you know best is always the best remedy...love the new pillows..simply divine ~ Kym X

  10. The new pillows are wonderful, Ness! Everything you make is unique and gorgeous. Don't ever stop! You are one a kind and so talented and a lovely and special woman.

  11. Hello Ness
    I was wondering where can I purchase the wooden ampersand broach. I love it!
    Cheers Jan

  12. I think it is great you have gone back to your 'roots' and are doing what works for you!
    I love oyur cushions and the jewellery is very cute.

  13. I know exactly how you feel, after 10 years, i'm reverting back to my original range & style only with a new modern twist & a whole lot more experience with colours. Loving your cushion collection, just gorgeous!! Love Posie

  14. When you do what you love best, it shows! Beautiful work. It's great that you've rediscovered your love for creative things again!

  15. Love the pillows...so wonderful!!

  16. HOLA

    I love your blog. We're alike in that I, too, have an etsy shop in which I sell my pillows! www.etsy.com/shop/redbirdvintagehome. I have a question. Do you ship internationally? My husband is the shipping dept. for me, and he thinks it's too much of a hassle. However, someone from Australia's e-mailed me 2 x's, hoping to buy a pillow! I immediately thought of you! Any suggestions? I love your stuff! TY, in advance!
    K A Y

  17. My lovely girl, I love the new cushions! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them and it is the uniqueness in all you do that makes your gorgeous items so special! Stay true to yourself, that is who we love. Oh, and if you ever did step away from the whole shop / blog I am sure there would be a line stretching from continent to continent of people who will 'give you a good slap', lovingly of course:) You are never allowed to leave!! Huge hugs lovely ~ xx

  18. Ness, LOVE you new designs! I just want to let you know that I have also had times when I doubted myself. I find that if I take a little break to recharge my creativity it passes. You have an amazing style and talent. The key my friend is to stay true to you who you are. You know in you heart when something just feels right. Take care, Lori

  19. I think this is more "you."

  20. Thanks to all of you sweet, kind, inspiring Women for being here.
    As for the questions...

    The & Brooch can be found by clicking the Etsy shop link at the right hand side of my blog page =0)

    @Kay- I say go for it. Post to everywhere. Just see the Post Office people and they will show you how it works
    I have emailed back about the questions, but thought I would put it here too.
    Thanks xx

  21. I Ness...have been a lurker for a while now and love your work. I am a creative soul but never like what I make so it stops me from continuing..but so glad you have found your spark again. I love your cushions and was wondering whether you would be making more of the bird pillow because I would love to have one sitting on my bedroom couch. Keep smiling...

  22. I still love my ampersand pillow! It is still sitting in on my "library" sofa.


  23. As one with not the tiniest creative fibre in my body I think your ability to turn pieces of fabric into gorgeous soft furnishings is awesome Ness. As I live & die by sales analysis, maybe you could look at all your sales to date & see what's been your best sellers. Let your clients dictate your direction, they won't not let you down.
    Millie x

  24. Beautiful, Ness. Your pillows are always so pretty.


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