Monday, February 7, 2011

Off To Market We Went....

Hey there!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was very busy and relaxing at the same time. I ventured off to Evandale Markets with my bounty of goods and also with some new display pieces.
These boxes above were made by my sweet Dad while he was here for me to take to the markets and give some height to my displays. They were made from old Tasmania Oak beaded board ceiling planks pulled from our old home.
On them I printed some of my cushion designs, inside and out in a linen colour to tie in with our range and the palette I use with my fabrics. The finish on them has been left. I didn't want them to be polished and shiny...not me at all. I like that weathered appearance.
So off to market they went...
I loved then in the display. I had my 2 little Fowler's jars inside them, filled with white lights, but you cant see them very well as this was early in the morning while I was still setting up and moving stuff around. They will be better when I am at indoor markets.

Usually I have linen curtains surrounding 3 sides of the gazebo, but didn't take them this time.

Some new covers came with me, like this one with the Ampersand on it. Which is made with gorgeous linen and a beautiful blue and white ticking stripe. I also had one of the bird lumbar covers (behind the & cushion) which was made with an Amy Butler fabric. Luckily I made more than 1 of each!!

I was a little sad that I didn't get a good shot of the tags hanging on the Eucalyptus branch off to the right of the shot. It even had some little blossoms on it and worked so well with my white tags.
All in all it was a great day, and strangely relaxing as well...and I even got to get rid of some of the 'stuff' that was clogging my cupboard in the office at the front there =0)
Gotta love that!
Ness xx
all images- me


  1. You are so talented Ness! It all looks lovely xx

  2. It all looks beautiful, Ness. I like your new pillows and the striped fabric you're using. You've arranged everything so nicely. Glad it was a great day for you.

  3. Your market stand looks great Ness as does all your stock. It's great to declog too. Glad you had a great day!

  4. That looks really fabulous. You and your dad are clever possums :)

  5. Your stand looks amazing. My sister in law lives near there and goes to the Evandale market sometimes. I will have to send her along with a hello from me. When we visit we always try to go to that market it is great fun.

  6. Your stall looks amazing!!

  7. What a beautiful looking market stall - your father is very clever, you too with those lovely shelving boxes.
    I'd love to visit the Evandale market. I have my necklaces in Handmark up there but I've never been to see the shop either. I must do it one day and come to say hello :)

  8. Lovely stall set up!!!
    Wish you lived closer so you could do a stall at ours.

  9. The display boxes are fantastic with the birds, wow!! Love Posie

  10. Your display looked so pretty. Love your new boxes.

  11. Hi Ness,
    You really know how to set up a lovely display. The boxes are perfect and I love how you painted a design on them. Everything looks great. I sure wish I could have been there.


  12. Your pillows are wonderful and I am so loving your pins. Dang I wish you weren't so far away. Looks like a lovely day for you!


  13. I love all your things - I wish I could have seen everything in person!

  14. Glad you had a great day, everything looks lovely. I am feeling excited, nervous and a bit all over the show this week as I am having my first market stall on Sunday 13th, at a local school fair. A big undertaking since painted furniture is my passion...lots of heavy lugging around required! I have to give it a go though, to see if it something I can manage, and at least it will give me some exposure :)

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated...I have this vision in my head of how I want it to look all beautiful the first time round, but really I know I have so much to learn, and will keep learning more every time I do it.

    xx Karen

  15. Wow Ness,

    You have changed your header again. I love the tags you have that say Marley & Lockyer....I have wanted to buy something from you just for the tag. Sad but true. lol.

    Love the boxes that your dad made and I love the way you decorated them. You will wonder what you ever did without them.

    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  16. Can you bring your stand to Hong Kong? There are no markets like that here and I miss them SO much!!

  17. Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my little stall. It was a beautiful day and I am looking forward to the next one.
    Ness xx

  18. Your post has reminded me that I'm very overdue for a day out at a good Market Ness. Wish I was closer, as this one looks perfect! And so did your fabulous stall.
    Millie xx

  19. looks lovely ness - a real little bit of you - best le xox


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