Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome Autumn, I'm Tired...

par courrier
Just a quick thank you to all of you who left a comment on my giveaway on how you all like to prepare for the season ahead.
There were some beautiful images that sprung in mind while reading them all.
Our Autumn season got off to a good start.
Sunny, crisp wind and a cardigan was called for =0)
I am tired and the cooler weather is making me want to curl up instead of sew and make with clay. The process of setting up a Designer Market Stall is exciting and scary at the same time and consuming me right now. Having to think of how I want the Marley & Lockyer stall to look. How can I make it reflect all things I love about this label? Will it be too fussy? Is it relevant? I know, I am probably over thinking it and as soon as it starts to come together I will be fine....but it is just the thinking process that is making me tired, you know?
Trying to keep new things coming out is tiring and sometimes disheartening when I have worked so hard for the last few years on this little venture of mine, but what do you do?
Smile and let the season envelope you and hope it invigorates a new spark in your soul.
That's what you do...and that's what I am doing.
Welcome Autumn
..and Happy Spring to the other side of the world.
Ness xx


  1. Happy new season to you too Ness! Your new little shop will come together. As a former retail buyer and merchandiser I've been there too. Go on a little inspiration quest. Check out retail vignettes, windows and other displays in stores, catalogs and online and take away little ideas from those to use in yours. I call it "research" and I love doing that kind of research! It's fuel for your creative soul! Good luck and please post pics of it all. I would love to see it.
    Best to you~

  2. Hi Ness! Happy Autumn to you. Try to take the time to crunch a few leaves!

  3. Don't worry...you will do great! Everything is beautiful!

  4. Your creations for your stall are wonderful...I am preparing for a "market sale" in May.
    We have just gotten snow...so the reality of spring seems so far away..although it is the blossom count in our capital city of Victoria!..Crazy!
    Beautiful ...inspiring blog!

  5. I think the cardi might stay on today, and the woodfire dusted !
    I'm sure your stall will look magnificent - if you blog is anything to go by, your stall caould be nothing less.
    So much work and Niche is a pretty big deal so far as aesthetics - i think you'll have it nailed !

  6. Hello Ness! Everything will beautiful. Your gorgeous creations could stand alone with no effort, they are simply beautiful.
    Have a good wee and try not to stress too much!

  7. I know what you mean about overthinking things, I'm exactly the same, but you know what, it will turn out perfectly. You are very creative and talented and your stall will reflect this. Leahxx


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