Monday, August 1, 2011

Touching Base

Hey There strangers!

I know I have been M.I.A from the blog for a while. There has been alot going on and I have no excuse now as blogger is letting me post again...for now.
There has been inspiration coming out of my, well, you know ;0)
and I have been trying to cash in on it.
The photo above has helped alot.

I am trying to get our room done in between everything else and am still chasing up the repairs to our bathroom and old clothesline, which, with a full load of washing on, snapped completely the other day!! We also have a new sofa on the way. Totally different to what you will expect, I am sure!
Christmas has been ticking along here in the workroom and seeing I have a few Design markets to prepair for, I feel like I should be frantic right now, but I'm not. I feel like for now, I have a handle on the I said, for now!
The tag you see above was from the first Christmas series I done with Marley & Lockyer and I will be bringing a few of the best sellers back, some with changes and some re made completely.

On another note.
I have been looking after my health (I always do) and have been baking alot of things from scratch and have made the change for our family to basically all organic.
Here is some Spelt bread I whipped up the other freezing cold day.
It was soooo good straight from the oven and had all sorts of goodies in it like Cranberries, Pepita's, sunflower kernels, raisins, sesame seeds, pistachios....
very good.
Here is one of my breakfast smoothies I whip up on my way to the gym.
Banana, organic honey, oats, chia seeds, apple, protein powder and rice milk.
I have hurt my foot and am off to the Doctor tomorrow to get it checked, so it will be a quiet day here at home tomorrow and I am trying to get the urge up to paint our bedroom
...well get it started anyway.
I have some gorgeous linen toile to make some pillows for our bed and I just want to get to that bit ;0)
...but all in all, I have been enjoying life with our little Family, staying in shape, training others to do the same as well as working on some Interior projects for others.
It is busy here at Marley & Lockyer in a good way,
that's for sure.


  1. Hello Ness

    what a beautiful post

    No airs and graces like some other bloggers

    Just lovely truth, happiness and reality



  2. Hi Ness- I love a good kind of busy. Glad to hear that things are well with you. And I have to say I agree with Loulou above. Beautiful post.

  3. What a sweet post. oh that bread, it looks so delicious. I'm happy I found your blog. Ive really enjoyed my visit. I look forward to many more. Hugs!

  4. Good day!!
    I love your chalkboard!!! the wood trim around it makes it seem like its very,very old!! Is it?
    I have one that is brown chalkboard and not very old because it has the metal trim. Wanna trade? just kidding! :D

  5. You always make me want to take better care of myself.
    And just at how cute you are! My goodness!


  6. that should read just LOOK at how cute you are!

  7. hi sweet- i just left a message on your give away post and then these popped up- am i going a little mad-??

    i wasn't putting myself in the drawer- just wanted to let you know i was back here...i have three kiddos ready to choose a movie and to bring me their idea of a monday night dessert...hope you have a moment to pop back and read it...

    melissa xxx

  8. Hi there, so lovely to see and great to see such beautiful smiling faces in that last photo. Take care Ness,x

  9. great inspiration pic...great BREAD!..hmmm Great looking couple!

  10. Oh you are busy. So good to hear you are looking after yourself. You must be sooooo fit! Bread looks divine. A-M xx

  11. Timely advice...and that pic...divine inspiration! Thanks for the lovely read. Jac xx

  12. The bread looks fabulous, and the stockings are so cute! You have inspired me to get up and make a smoothie.
    Have a great day, and I hope that your foot gets better.

  13. What a sweet post, Ness. Your homemade bread looks scrumptious and what an adorable photo of your and your hubby. Hope your foot is OK!

  14. Everything about this post is scrummy Ness and I absolutely can not wait to see your 'unexpected' lounge.

    The ingredients in your smoothie have me intrigued, particularly as I'm lactose intolerant - it's bookmarked.

    Hoping all turns out well with your foot, the painting and the all important clothes line.

    Happy hug,

    xx Felicity

  15. I can empathize with the delinquency in blog writing. Even though summer should be a slower time, my posting has been less frequent. I guess there are too many fun things to do with family out of doors. I have helped a daughter move and am helping another do a big-boy room to make room for another nursery occupant. I'd love for you to stop by my blog and see the charming 1930's stone cottage we have had fun personalizing. :)

  16. So glad everything is humming along so well for you dear Ness. I'm sure this Chrissie will be M&L's best ever.
    Millie xx

  17. You're looking great my friend!! The blog (and your loyal readers) will always be here waiting for you, live your life first, blog second. ;)


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