Monday, January 23, 2012

Forgotten Easter Range - oops!.....

Last night while uploading some items to my Etsy and Made It stores
(I have re-opened Made It for my Aussie customers, and anyone else for that matter)
I suddenly noticed that I have not put on my new Easter range!!!
So, in a frenzy, I uploaded some before bedtime.
The last look you got at this one above, was a little hint of the bottom corner here it is in it's full bunny glory.

I also have hop! cut out 

a little egg one...

These ones have a really textured appearance from the vintage doily impression that's one them. Each one is different...and so cute!

This picture is of the prototype from the Harlequin Rabbit...

and my little hand moulded bunny brooches have made a re appearance for this Easter too.
The Easter products are already walking out the door and are proving popular already which is such a great thing that you are all embracing Marley & Lockyer goodies.
I love the support I get from you all.

But as always, I am working on the next stage and while I was rolling and draping and creating,
I made these....

cute little 'Birds On A Cup'
The grey ones are stoneware and are still wet here, so they will be much lighter than this when they are done and of course, I have my white earthenware that I love.
The little birds even fit on wine glasses.
Imagine them at a Wedding or a party?
I love them all lined up on this cappuccino cup!
They will be in store soon. 


  1. Utter gorgeousness, Ness. Yet again. I hope they're all heading down to Hobart! J x

  2. sweet. estern is comming.
    Very nice.

  3. Hi Ness,

    Loved seeing your new tags for easter. I'd rather receive some of these, rather than the chocolate......less fattening!

    Your sense of styling for these photo's are gorgeous Ness. Makes people want to buy and re-create. I think my favourite tag is the cutout of the rabbit with hop.

    Have a great day tomorrow.


  4. those little birds are just adorable! Love the idea of easter on it's way!

  5. So cute! You work so hard and it's so great that you are doing so well!


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