Thursday, February 2, 2012

clay...linen...and the event!

Although this week has been a blur, 
getting ready for our huge event here at 
"The Old Lady"
on Monday, I have managed to squeeze in some
more new work.
I have a new found  re-attachment to clay and after lugging
a hefty 20kg block through the city a few days ago, 
I got home and could not let that chunk be I made...
This piece is a custom order for a wonderful, new website about to be launched
and as soon as it is, I will reveal it to you.
The plate is obviously a big Sister to my Vintage Doily Love Tags

I really do 'love' this plate (sorry, couldn't help it).
These will be available at the upcoming 
that I will be attending in March
...or as a custom order...
just email me

Aside from clay,
I also rediscovered my love for vintage textiles
...well it never really left...
I did however, re organise my 'sweat shop' (workroom)
and I must say, I think it will stay this way
I do ;0)

Finally, after a million years, I have organised some of my art work on my main wall
in the 'sweat shop', near my table and grouped some of my favourite pieces
on my newly painted hutch.
Other than that, and cleaning, and painting French doors, and re arranging rooms,
and getting ready for 
The Event....
(which will be revealed soon)

I hung some of my divine cut work, vintage linen on my 'sweat shop' window
...and now the out look is even more sweet.
I hope you have all been busy.
What have you created lately?


  1. Goodness me, you are so motivated, it's really impressive! I look forward to seeing your goodies at the market and hearing about your secret projects when you can reveal them. That curtain is so pretty!

  2. Hey Ness,

    You have been so busy! All looking lovely. Love the cutout detail on the curtain. Things like that make you feel good everytime you look at them. Good luck and enjoy 'the event'.

    What have I created lately????.......Nothing put me to shame. Still trying to make a start with my dining room chair cushions.

    Enjoy the weekend.



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