Friday, March 2, 2012

Autumn, Markets, Renovations...and sinks!

Here in Australia, Autumn has reared it's head.
Our old Sycamore trees leaves are starting to dry,
and the nights are getting a chill to them.
For my friends in the Northern parts of the world, you will be getting
ready to welcome Spring...
and with that comes the Spring Clean!
I on the other hand, will be doing an Autumn clean.

I was hoping to get some relaxation time in over the weekend, but the
are just around the corner and
I have had to get creative with my displays so I can fit it (and my stock) into
a modest sized suitcase!

On a different note, the hunt for a Belfast sink is near and end and
I will share when I get back from the markets.
We are also gearing up for some other major renovations,
one in particular is very exciting( for me anyway).
Not sure Mic feels the same ;0)

As you can see, there is a lot going on here at 
The Old Lady
and all will be revealed soon.
I hope you have a restful weekend, my friends.

image 1-here, image 2-here, image 3-here


  1. Lovliest of the trees the cherry now...hung with pink along the bough...these photos are so pretty! Thanks.

  2. So pretty Ness! I want that chair!!!!!!

  3. It's so interesting to read this, because we are experiencing the opposite here in Atlanta - spring is beginning to bloom - just noticed the neighbor's tree starting to blossom, and walking out of the house today I commented to my girls that it finally felt as if spring has sprung!

  4. I love the burst of spring flowers around. I wish that we could skip summer and head on into fall and winter each year.
    Love your latest designs.
    Happy Friday.

  5. we are soo excited for spring...wish I could come to your market!
    Can't wait for the sink news...stunning pics!

  6. It's not even Spring here, but we are already having Summer temps! Lovely photos, Ness. Best to you on your new projects. Hope you have a nice wknd! xo

  7. It seems really strange to hear about others going through an opposite season. Even here in the states, my mom lives in Colorado and it's so cold there and snowing and here in Florida it's in the 80's. Anyway, lovin the chair with the pillows.

  8. Oh these images are beautiful! Can't wait to see what renovations you have in store for us!!!


  9. Love all your photos, you have such a pretty place. I love the statue in your bathroom window, she's such a nice surprise!

    Love, jody

  10. Oh lovely images...the first one is my favorite! We have a Belfast sink and I adore it....can not wait to see what you do!

  11. me gusta tu blog haces cosas muy bonitas

  12. Have a great time in Sydney Ness I dont feel like Winter yet in Mackay the humidity is un real at the moment looking forward to seeing the sink I wanted one of thouse but couldnt get once :( next house I reckon, well always dream hey!! :))


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