Monday, June 30, 2008

Office Re-do

I told you we were going to be busy this weekend.

We completely gutted the Garage and threw a Ute and Trailer load away.

While the boys tinkered out there, I moved the office/sewing room about.

Now you have to understand why...this room was originally all mine, until Mic my loving Husband moved the Slot Car Metropolis in and took over exactly

half the room (this room is really big). So, I had nowhere for my Mags, Fabric etc

to go and had to have a re shuffle to make it neat again.

It is only a quaint space, but mine.

Mum picked up the wreath at a home shop in town for $10, and all the other works are mine.

I managed to save this frame that I painted white from the depths

of the Garage, which is now the frame for my mood board.

Hope you all had a nice Weekend...Ness xx


  1. Hi , a great place to work and be at peace with your own creative thoughts. Clara

  2. I would so love to see more of your House. If it is anything like you blog pictures I am jealous!

  3. Hi Ness,

    I'm having a lovely evening browsing through your older posts. Hope that's not too stalkerish!!

    I really admire your blog. It strikes a brilliant balance of your own house and inspirational entriestoo. It's hard to get that balance right, I find.



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