Friday, July 4, 2008

Kitchen Envy

photo - Ideal Home
Sitting in our Kitchen this morning while having my cup of coffee, I had so many 'we should do...' ideas running through my head I had to go do something else so I wouldn't start something I might regret. I love this Kitchen (because it is white) and the fact it is about as big as our Kitchen. You have to understand though our Kitchen has 70's wood doors and feral beige speckled laminated bench tops....oh I know! You can see why I am dying to paint the cupboards white. I love the sink.

photo -Aust Country Style

I think these 2 photos show what I am after. We too have a big fireplace opening like this pic that we would love to put in a black oven with tiled back. At the moment it contains a cast iron fire you can cook on, but you need a tree a night to run it! Against the white cupboards it looks so clean and fresh. We also have a centre island like this (that is currently 70's wood) and I could imagine these chairs from Ikea snuggled underneath. This would keep morning toast etc spills contained to one area.
Oh to dream...Ness x


  1. Those Kitchens are beautiful. Love the dining table as an island.

  2. lovely kitchen pics! I love a big country kitchen but unfortunately my little apartment doesn't lend itself to that look. good luck with your kitchen makeovers - make sure you post some pics when its done!

  3. I will post some pics WHEN we do it. With the shop start up etc I think it will be in summer it will happen. The paint would freeze here at the moment!!


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