Friday, July 25, 2008

Seeing Stars

I have fallen in love with these star cushions from the lovely site Par Courrier as well as the beautiful layouts they use in their photos. That tripod light I have posted on before, click HERE to have a look. I think these cushions would look lovely on a boys bed as well as a white lounge. Look out, I may have to buy some for the boys rooms.
Have a great Weekend xx


  1. Oh yes, it's an amazing shop and for once it's not so far away (from me that is...).

  2. I have never come across that beautiful shop before. They really have some lovely things. Just trying to work out if they ship to Australia...
    Thanks Ness,

  3. I have just had a look at that site and they have gorgeous things. I may have to give the old credit card a beating today. Thanks.

  4. ooooh I love stars, esp in a nautical theme.

  5. I've been looking for a chair to go in ryan's room to read to him in & I love this white one. I also love the star cushion-I've been looking for a theme for when he gets a little bit older & this could be a great starting point.

  6. Hi Linda, Glad you stopped by. We are doing the whole red, white and blue star thing in the boys' room too, it won't age and will grow with them. BTW, we will have cushions like these in the store.


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