Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm moving in tomorrow!!!

OMG, OMG, OMG...I am hyperventilating! As we speak I am packing my backs to move in to this stunning Paris Apartment. It is all my loves under one very stunning, decorative ceiling. Here are the French doors that will eventually replace all of our windows..and in my colour!!
I know you can't see the complete Chandelier, but I can totally picture what the rest looks like. The mouldings on the walls look gorgeous...and the table - divine.
I won't talk here...too much to love!
What an Armoire! The flooring is delicious...and they have a mannequin. I am bitter about loosing mine.
My absolutely favourite kind of Chairs. Even the white urns/vases on the mantel are gorgeous. OK, I am having a house warming at my new place on Saturday night...all are welcome.
Have a great day...Ness xx


  1. Hi, just RSVPing to your party, I'll be there!! lol

    Love those floors.

  2. I am so ready to move in there as well! Good luck with your move and happy house warming. xv

  3. Oh now i am hyperventilating too! How totally divine is this place! you find the best piccies. Mel xxx

  4. Oh I will totally fight you for it lol. A triumphant find Ness, pure LOVE!

    Anna :)

  5. what a LOVELY new home! do you need a roomate? a nanny? a cook? i'd be happy to take on any of those roles just to live in such fabulousness! P.S.stop by my blog to enter an exciting give-away!

  6. I will do Jules! Yes Anna, we will have a bidding war!! Mel, I will bring the brown paper bags..lol. Thanks for stopping by Melanie, your site is lovely (just had a look). Vicki, I could imagine your place at the Olive Farm looking like this. xx

  7. Hi Ness!
    I'm there in a heart beat! Should I bring the wine? I'd like to sit facing that lovely armoire.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my new site. I am so happy to meet fellow francophiles. Kris

  8. Just beautiful Ness! The apartment is getting very crowded with all of us wanting to join you - can you make room for another?
    Millie ^_^

  9. I cant believe i missed the house warming,but move over I'm living with you too that apartment is to die for omg x

  10. All of us Francophiles can move in together...what a team. Glad your back Judy xx


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