Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lazy Days...

I adore this day bed here. Little hints of floral against a white backdrop. Imagine whiling away a lazy Sunday, the smell of Jasmine and Gardenias filling the air and a Barbecue sizzling away, children playing in the sunshine in the distance. You wouldn't wish to be any where else.

image - Home Beautiful

You could have started the day off here for Breakfast. Scouring the paper for the Garage Sales you would haunt before lunch. What a way to start the day. There are my doors again!

Image - Town and Country Designs

When you come home from the morning bargain hunt, you could lay out your new found treasures here and have your lunch with good food and friends...oh, come on warms days!!!

Sorry, it's cold again here today. (-1 overnight..hello weather, it's Spring..time for warmth now! )Ness xx


  1. You may need to wear your thermals for all these outdoor ventures, in
    Tassie, though.

    Come to Queensland and thaw out!!
    The water temperature here is in the mid 20s at the moment.

  2. Yeah...thanks for the dig lol!! Ness xx


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